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Types of Masonry in Indian Construction

Any type of tmt bar in construction is a lifetime investment and there is no question of compromise on that. Along with right TMT bar, masonry is equally important. This is the time where choosing the right masonry and construction materials comes in. The industry is growing every year with new and modern technologies. In this blog you will come to know about important masonries that are used by construction industries nowadays.

Types of Masonry in Construction

  • Mud Masonry

It is a mixture of soil with water which is used as masonry in construction. It is very weak in strength as compared to other types of mortar. This material gives a comfortable and warm environment inside the house but this is not beneficial for wet area.

  • Reinforced Masonry

Reinforced masonry is a type of combined construction where the masonry units oppose compressive pressure and inner support opposes flexible pressure. Reinforced is used in machinery to give strong support to the concrete structure.

  • Brick Masonry

It is one of the most common techniques used for any building construction. The power of the masonry solely depends on the quality of mortar, quality and size of brick and process of binding tool.

  • Composite Masonry

It is a type of masonry which is constructed with two different types of building materials. When it comes to construction of buildings it is very reasonable option.

  • Concrete Masonry

Concrete block is well known as it is reasonable and adds high resistance to fire. The concrete blocks are larger as compared to bricks so it require less time in placing concrete blocks. It is heavy in weight and is highly utilized in schools, residential buildings and factories.

  • Lime Masonry

Lime masonry is a composition of lime and combined of sand and water. This specific type of masonry gives a benefit to all type of fine and decorative building. The texture of this masonry is also very gentle than cement.