Best TMT Bars in India

Best TMT Bars West Bengal | TMT Bars Price | Shyam Steel Industries Ltd – Headquartered in West Bengal Shyam Steel is dedicated to its birthplace by setting up three fully automated manufacturing units in this state. Shyam Fe 500D TMT Rebars are earthquake proof and corrosion resistant. Shyam Steel Industries has committed to reform the steel industries in West Bengal – to build the dream of ordinary people with the best TMT bar in India.

West Bengal comes under a high seismic risk zone. Therefore, the population of this state requires TMT bars that are strong as well as flexible. Shyam Steel is one of the few steel manufacturers in Kolkata who produce high-quality Fe 500D TMT bars. When you buy from the Shyam Steel retailers, it is guaranteed that you are buying only the best quality flexi strong TMT bars that will protect your foundation.

Pressing on the seismic safety of West Bengal, Shyam Steel is relentlessly manufacturing and retailing flexiSTRONG TMT Rebars to the furthest corner of the state.

Best TMT Bar in West Bengal

Many Steel companies in West Bengal are competing to grab the construction market of West Bengal, but only Shyam Steel Industries proved their worthiness by serving the common people from past 60 long years. The long chain of Shyam Steel Retail Services in West Bengal is envied. They have a dream of putting retail stores in every town of India. Shyam Steel has already managed to put their retail stores in every district of West Bengal. Establishment of retail units in every possible town is already on its way. They have a large opening for the dealership – whoever wants to join Shyam Steel and become a part of the revolution are welcome.

Shyam Steel Industries Ltd believes that the common people of West Bengal deserve to build their home with the same best quality TMT bars that are used to build the eminent constructions like Nivedita Setu, Kolkata Metro Railways, Haldia Petrochemicals, City Centre (Haldia) and many more. Hence, they are persistently trying to put retail units in every possible corner of the cities, towns and remote areas.

TMT bars Price in West Bengal

Availing the Best TMT Bars West Bengal in an affordable price tag was quite a challenge, but Shyam Steel did this impossible job by considering the economic condition of the common people. Shyam Steel set the best price for the individual district so that both common people and industrialists can buy quality TMT bars at a fair price tag.
Pay only for what you buy – no hidden charges or cost will be added.

What does this TMT Bar mean to you?

• Best TMT Bars West Bengal – Buy only the best quality TMT bars in West Bengal (Fe 500D TMT)
• Build your seismic-safe home/building
• Get quality & best TMT bars price in West Bengal
• Find a Shyam Steel retail unit in your town/area without any hassle

Shyam steel – Our Projects


Shyam Steel is a proud contributor in making of Nivedita Setu, it is also known as Second Vivekananda Setu. It considered being one of the finest constructions of the country. The bridge rests on deep-well foundations going down to the riverbed level. It carries six lanes for high-speed traffic. Nivedita Setu stands fourth longest bridge in West Bengal.


Haldia Petrochemicals Ltd. is the third largest petrochemicals in India. The factory is located in Haldia, West Bengal. The first commercial production of HPL started from 2001 and Shyam Steel is proudly associated with India’s Third Largest Petrochemical Company.


India’s first underground railway network is Kolkata Metro Railway. Kolkata Metro Railway is currently covering 27.22 KM area and massively expanding its operational area. Shyam Steel is a part of Kolkata Metro Railway since long and continuing delivering their quality steel products during the continued business relationship.


Shyam Steel is a part of one of the valued Thermal Power Station in West Bengal, It is known as Sagardighi Thermal Power Plant. The power station has a planned capacity of 1600 MW. This power plant is one of the most important power plant operated by ‘West Bengal Power Development Corporation Limited’.


City Centre is the first organised commercial project in Haldia City. It has been awarded for Commercial Architectural Large with AICA 2014, Commendation Award. This Architectural paradigm has built over 5.3 Acres of land with multi facility. Shyam Steel product is proudly being used to its making.