Why Shyam Steel?

From its humble beginning in 1953, Shyam Steel has grown to its current position as one of the most trusted brands of TMT bars in India. This journey has been possible due to our unmatched quality, outstanding service record, collaborative partnerships, continuous effort in R&D, adaptation of the new technology and corporate responsibility.

We are proudly associated with valuable projects across India. For years, Shyam TMT Rebars has been proudly associated with industrial sectors such as power plant projects, metro railway, highways, airport, government projects and many more.

With its rich industrial knowledge of over six decades, the company delivers real results, ensuring a level of certainty that no other group can match.

Major Government Approvals

Shyam Steel is approved and engaged by major government bodies to help build the nation strong by providing the best quality TMT bar. Shyam Steel is an active part and major contributor to most valued Government projects. Some of the bodies where our TMT bars are being used:

Esteemed Companies in Infrastructure Sector we are proudly associated with:

Successful execution of any big infrastructure project requires that the project contractor gets the right quantity of material at the right time along with right quality and the right price.

This is where Shyam Steel excels with its reliable and timely supply of TMT bars, which are not only of the best quality but also very reasonably priced. This fact is evidenced by the huge number of reputed infrastructure companies who count on Shyam Steel as their preferred steel vendor and keep giving us the opportunity to help them build landmarks year after year. Some of the regular clients include:

Strengthening hundreds of major projects across India!

Shyam Steel is the leading TMT Bar manufacturer in India with NABL Accredited in house laboratory. Our TMT bar comes with the ISO & OHSAS Certifications as a testament to the fine quality of our products.

Our TMT bar is being used in core nation-building infrastructure projects throughout India – Nuclear Plant, Thermal & Hydel Power, Indian Railways, Metro Railways, Sea Ports, Refinery plants etc.


Shyam Steel is a proud contributor in making of Nivedita Setu, it is also known as Second Vivekananda Setu. It considered being one of the finest constructions of the country. The bridge rests on deep-well foundations going down to the riverbed level. It carries six lanes for high-speed traffic. Nivedita Setu stands fourth longest bridge in West Bengal.


Haldia Petrochemicals Ltd. is the third largest petrochemicals in India. The factory is located in Haldia, West Bengal. The first commercial production of HPL started from 2001 and Shyam Steel is proudly associated with India’s Third Largest Petrochemical Company.


India’s first underground railway network is Kolkata Metro Railway. Kolkata Metro Railway is currently covering 27.22 KM area and massively expanding its operational area. Shyam Steel is a part of Kolkata Metro Railway since long and continuing delivering their quality steel products during the continued business relationship.


Shyam Steel is a part of one of the valued Thermal Power Station in West Bengal, It is known as Sagardighi Thermal Power Plant. The power station has a planned capacity of 1600 MW. This power plant is one of the most important power plant operated by ‘West Bengal Power Development Corporation Limited’.


City Centre is the first organised commercial project in Haldia City. It has been awarded for Commercial Architectural Large with AICA 2014, Commendation Award. This Architectural paradigm has built over 5.3 Acres of land with multi facility. Shyam Steel product is proudly being used to its making.


Paradip Refinery is the 11th refinery by Indian Oil Corporation in India that is located in Odisha. This refinery was built with 2.8 lakh ton of steel which was equivalent about 350 Rajdhani Train. Shyam Steel is a major contributor into the making of Paradip Refinery.


Airport which is in the largest city in the Indian state of Telangana, Rajiv Gandhi International Airport. Construction started in 2005 and Shyam Steel becomes the proud part of Rajiv Gandhi International Airport, Hydreabad.


It is an international Airport serving Bangalore, the capital of Indian state of Karnataka. After Delhi & Mumbai Kempegodwa International Airport rank 35th wonderful Airport in Asia and Shyam Steel is a proud part of its making.


Ranchi Sports Complex is not a sports complex but an acclamation to look at. It comprises a multi-functional stadium with capacity of 35000, which has 8 lane practice track. The Sports complex is a holistic approach to the sports culture with Indoor Stadiums, Tennis Centre, Aquatic Centre, Shooting Range and many more. Shyam Steel is a proud part of building this prestigious complex that is dedicated to Indian Sports.


Deenbandhu Chhotu Ram Thermal Power Plant or Yamuna Nagar Power Plant is one of coal-based power plant of HPGCL in Haryana. Reliance Energy Limited and Shanghai Electric (China) jointly constructed the plant in collaboration. Shyam Steel TMT had taken an important role into this massive 600W installed capacity power plant.


APGENCO is the power generating organization in Andhra Pradesh. Operation | Maintenance | Upgradation | Setup all of these taken care by Andhra Pradesh Power Generation Corporation. Shyam Steel is connected with them since its begining and endlessly supplying India’s most trusted best quality steel products.


Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) was incorporated in 1995 and started construction in 1998. Delhi Metro is the second oldest Metro in India after Kolkata Metro. Shyam Steel is a proud supplier of its steel products for India’s one of the rapid metro network which is covering 209 km and expanding with many more phrases.


A Residential development over 36 acres offers apartments and villas. It is one of the magnificent modern home architecture in Gurugram, Sector 72 and Shyam Steel is a proud contributor to this project.


THE NS-EW is the largest Highway project in India. It is still into implementation phrase that is also known as North–South–East–West Corridor. It consists of 7300 Kilometres that is connecting Srinagar, Kanyakumari, Kochi, Porbandar and Silchar. As of February 2017 92% of the construction is completed and still running in horse speed. In the making of this historical project Shyam Steel is also becoming a part of it whereas the contribution of Shyam Steel product is making a significant mark into every phrases.


Panipat Thermal Power Stations (PTPS) has two units with composite strength of generating 1360 MW in Haryana. Since 1997 Shyam Steel is contributing to making of this reputed multi operational Thermal Power Station.


4.4 km long flyover connects Delhi with Faridabad. Started operating in 2010 and it helped to ease the communication between Delhi and Haryana. Shyam Steel’s best quality products are a part of this much awaited elevated road project


Asia’s Longest Highway is located in Allahabad. This 84,708 km long highway connects Allahabad-Kanpur-Varanasi section of Delhi-Kolkata stretch. We, Shyam Steel proudly announce that our products were being used on making of Allahabad Bypass


32 km long Chennai Bypass is one of the important connector projects of National Highway Development Project. This bypass interconnects NH 45, NH4 and NH 5. Shyam Steel has delivered the quality steel products on its making.


Godavari Bridge is also known as Kovvur-Rajahmundry Bridge. It is a truss bridge. Godavari Bridge is India’s Third longest road-cum-long-bridge. These advance level civil works are prime constructions’ in India. Shyam Steel’s quality steel products are a major contributor in the making of Godavari Bridge.


The sluice across the Koshi River between Saptari and Sunsari District, Nepal is the Koshi Barrage. Shyam Steel’s best quality Steel products is a part of this life saver barrage. During the monsoon Koshi Region of Bihar can connect due to this Barrage.


Since March 2000 this Nuclear Power Generator station is operational. This 4th unit under Nuclear Power Corporation of India has a capacity for generating 220 MW atomic power by heavy water reactors. Shyam Steel is the proud contributor of Quality Steel products in its making.


This 10km long 6 lane expressway is a landmark project in India. It helped to ease the traffic between Delhi and Chandigarh. National Highway Authority of India made this operational in 2008. Shyam Steels’ excellent quality steel products became a part of it in its making.


In the state of Andhra Pradesh from 30 km south of Kakinada this project has developed by Reliance Industries Ltd (RIL). This project is basically for Gas discoveries from deepwater offshore block (KGD6). This is India’s one of the valuable project of offshore & onshore. Shyam Steel’s name is inseparable with it because Shyam Steel’s world class products are a part of it.


Located at Rawatbhata, Rajasthan. India’s first facility that can operate pressurized heavy water reactors (PHWRs). It has multiple operational power plants that are made of using Shyam Steels’ best quality steel products.