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Best TMT Saria in Meghalaya – One of the beautiful states located at Northeast of India is Meghalaya. North and East side border of the state is shared with Assam whereby South and West side border shared with Bangladesh.

In Meghalaya state the average annual rainfall is more than 1000 cm. Meghalaya receives the highest number of rainfall in India. The soil quality in Meghalaya is diverse that is why different type of crops can be cultivated to the different part of the state. Oil seeds, pulses, rice, jute, cotton etc. are the main agricultural crops in Meghalaya. The state is also successfully cultivating some nontraditional crops and spices such as cashew-nut, wheat, mushroom, tea, chilies, black pepper, ginger, turmeric etc.

The state Meghalaya has achieved a remarkable growth with a total installed power generation capacity that is more than 550+ MW. Mineral resource in Meghalaya was abundant. Currently Government has taken initiative for natural mineral resource deposits (coal, limestone, quartz, granite, bauxite etc.) by utilizing the same for bigger industrial potential.

Industrial Growth in Meghalaya

Meghalaya with bona fide

  • Agricultural Growth
  • Non-Traditional Crops
  • Spices
  • Natural Mineral Resources

It is one of the important states in India where industries are barging in. The government has taken active initiative where several lucrative schemes and offerings being made so that Industries come and strengthen the opportunities for the state of Meghalaya.

Few of the noticeable highlights related to trade for Meghalaya:

  • For ample of its water resources 2 hydro projects are under progress. One of its is functional (Larokh SHP) and another one (Ganol HEP) is expected to be completed by end of this year 2020.
  • Meghalaya is one of the picture square states in India. Therefore, people from India and different parts of the world visit this state. Every year the growth of visitors increases 10% to 15% approximately.
  • The world’s greatest quality Turmeric is produced in this state.
  • During the year 2018-19 Coal and Limestone production in this state were more than 6 million and 1 million respectively.

Meghalaya comes under Seismic Zone V

The state Meghalaya had witnessed devastated seismic activities in past. In 1897 the most powerful earthquake ever had recorded in human history to the state of Meghalaya and Assam. Magnitude of that earthquake was 8.0. All the districts of Meghalaya come under high to very high seismic zone. According to the BIS 2002 map, Meghalaya falls under seismic zone V. Apart from the earthquake in 1897 (It is also known as Great Assam Earthquake) the state had witnessed several earthquake for which much of Meghalaya jolted especially Shillong. Few significant earthquakes of Meghalaya in past

  • September 09, 1923 with Magnitude of 7 plus
  • July 02, 1930 with Magnitude of 7 plus
  • March 27, 1932 with Magnitude of 6 plus
  • May 19, 1945 with Magnitude of 6 plus
  • April 07, 1951 with Magnitude of 6.5 plus

In past, most of the houses in Meghalaya are built with bamboo, wood or glasses. But eventually with time to decrease the risk of structural damage people of Meghalaya has started building their houses with Reinforced Cement Construction.

Constructions in earthquake prone zones can be saved with elongation. During earthquake an enormous amount of extra energy exchange happens in earth surface. In RCC Thermo mechanically treated bars plays a vital role that provides strength in RCC. TMT Bars are super ductile specially fe500d grade that has the perfect balance between strength & flexibility.

Best quality construction materials are important for safety of your house. Therefore it is important to choose only earthquake resistant tmt bars for Meghalaya. TMT Bars that are manufactured at Integrated Steel Plant are made of Pure Iron Ore therefore the quality of these TMT Bars are superior.

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