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Tripura – the heart of Northeast India is the third smallest state in the country is widely acknowledged for their amazing tourism industry. Although the economic stability of Tripura is highly dependent on the tourism industry, this state is showing significant progress in IT, Paper, Food, and Steel industry. The Steel companies in Tripura are competing harder to conquer this relatively new steel market. No doubt, the best quality TMT bar in Tripura can win this competition and the result was inevitable when Shyam Steel industry set the first step in Tripura.

Pioneered them all Shyam Steel not only set their first step in Tripura steel market but managed to build their stronghold. Shyam Steel is rapidly contributing to the growth of this state therefore they have a plan to bestow the dedicated manufacturing unit in Tripura in near future.

While steel companies in Tripura are concentrating their business in steel fabrication and steel furniture, Shyam Steel is actively contributing the TMT bars to build offices, buildings, public facilities and many more. Unlike other states, Tripura comes under high seismic risk zone. In 2017 (January 3) Tripura witnessed a severe earthquake and the loss was unbearable. This recent catastrophe and the history of such unfortunate incidents in past years drove Shyam Steel to establish their retail units in Tripura, where they make available Fe 500D TMT bars for the common people of Tripura. When other steel companies in Tripura failed to secure their lives with ordinary TMT bars, Shyam Steel chose to avail only the best quality TMT bar in Tripura. The Fe 500D TMT bars the best quality TMT bars that are flexi strong and keep your foundations safe from the unfortunate natural calamities.

By 2024, Shyam Steel aimed to put their retail stores in every district of Tripura so that the common people of this state can build their dreams only with the best TMT bars.

The future of Shyam Steel Industry in Tripura

Although Shyam Steel is taking one step at a time in Tripura, the company has already managed to build their stronghold and create a brand awareness. How come you don’t choose the best quality TMT bars in Tripura when building your dream foundation? Shyam Steel makes them believe that common people can also buy only best quality TMT bars at an affordable price to strengthen their dream foundation. This is the belief that makes Shyam Steel one of the best steel companies in Tripura. With this belief, Shyam Steel is stepping forward to establish a long retail chain in Tripura in near future.

TMT bar Price in Tripura

Shyam Steel has an aim to available the Fe 500D TMT bars in Tripura at an affordable price tag. The aim is hard to achieve since high transportation cost as well as Tripura taxation policies. However, it is not entirely impossible. Considering all of the hindrances and economic factor of Tripura, which may not be equal to the other states – Shyam Steel has set different TMT bar price in Tripura for different districts or regions. The price labels are created considering the common people, hence they guarantee that you don’t have to pay anything unreasonable.

Pay only for what you buy – no hidden charges or cost will be added.

What does this mean to you?

  • Buy only the best quality flexi strong TMT bars (Fe 500D)
  • Build earthquake-safe foundations/buildings
  • Buy Fe 500D quality TMT bars at a reasonable price (no hidden charges)
  • Find Shyam Steel Retail units around the corner of your block

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