Ever since its human resource policy was formally written down, Shyam Steel has always focused on handpicking right resource that is integral to its success. The entire employment practice revolves around the core principles, such as opportunity, continuing personal development, fairness, mutual trust and teamwork.

At Shyam Steel, talent is well-nurtured and rewarded. The resource is valued as an asset to the organization. Shyam Steel believes in open work culture to promote the overall growth of its employees. Hence, we provide opportunities to the employees to maintain a work/life balance. The purpose of ensuring open work culture is to enhance the productivity and keep the resource animated.

We value and reward the honesty and integrity at work. At Shyam Steel, we are glad to share a sense of community and work in an environment that values knowledge and innovation. Friendly, courteous yet professional communication between the management and employees based on the company’s culture.

Working for Shyam Steel in a progressive and technology-driven environment is never boring. The initiative, innovation, teamwork and leadership are some of most intrinsic qualities we look for. The Company offers as per the industry standards and rewards the right candidate fitting the profile. Our Talent Appreciation Process (TAP) passes through a structured performance appraisal system, followed by promotion on the basis of competence, insight, performance and potential, irrespective of origin, race, nationality, gender, religion or age.

Come, join us and make a difference to the Shyam Steel Family as well as to your career.

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