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In the annals of India’s industrial legacy, one name stands out for its unyielding dedication and pioneering spirit – Shyam Steel. Established in the year 1953, this institution has evolved into a bastion of TMT bar production within the Indian steel pantheon, for its commitment to crafting safe and sustainable steel.

Operating for over seven decades, Shyam Steel has grown into an INR 55 billion group, solidifying its position as a large, competitive, and multi-product steel organization. The company has achieved this distinction by delivering materials of uncompromising quality through a combination of innovation, excellence, and unwavering dedication.

Presently Shyam Steel runs four significant steel plants, with a fifth under construction, and boasts of an extensive network of 12 branches across India, employing a dedicated workforce of 6,000+ individuals. Shyam Steel’s TMT bars in Karnataka have been instrumental in constructing millions of homes and mega projects nationwide.

A Glimpse Through Karnataka

Karnataka also referred to as Karunāḍu, formerly known as Mysore State, is situated in the southwestern part of India. Its inception as Mysore State dates back to November 1, 1956, following the enactment of the States Reorganisation Act. Later, in 1973, it was renamed Karnataka. Surrounded by the Lakshadweep Sea in the west and neighboring states like Goa, Maharashtra, Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, and Tamil Nadu, Karnataka spans across 191,791 km². It proudly embraces a diverse linguistic landscape, boasting languages like Urdu, Konkani, Marathi, Tulu, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Kodava, Beary, Sanskrit, and Kannada, one of India’s oldest classical languages.

Historically inhabited by the original Dravidian population, Karnataka holds a treasure trove of cultural heritage marked by significant ancient edifices and monuments. The region’s cultural richness was further augmented by the influence of mighty dynasties such as the Mauryan Empire, shaping diverse religious beliefs and philosophical ideologies. These, in turn, left an indelible mark on literature, architecture, folklore, music, painting, and various other artistic endeavors in the state.

Geographically, Karnataka’s terrain comprises the Deccan Plateau and Coastal Plains, characterized by lush greenery, serene hill stations, bustling metropolises like Bengaluru, and five free-flowing rivers that intricately mark its landscape on the map of India. From its illustrious past to its current prominence in the IT industry, Karnataka is famously hailed as the Silicon Valley of India, a testament to the state’s technological prowess that positions India as a global technology hub.

Shyam Steel Now in Karnataka

Shyam Steel Industries has expanded its presence to Karnataka, aligning with the state’s burgeoning infrastructure projects and developmental initiatives. As Karnataka witnesses rapid growth, the demand for superior raw materials becomes crucial. Recognizing this need, Shyam Steel Industries has chosen to contribute to this growth trajectory.

We assure:

• Compliance with international standards and a robust distribution network in Karnataka.
• Shyam Steel TMT Steel Bars, renowned for their strength and flexibility, guarantee protection against seismic impacts.
• Upholding the trust of our customers, every steel bar produced in our factory maintains uncompromised quality by utilizing virgin iron ore in manufacturing.
• Leveraging 70 years of experience and stringent quality control through NABL-accredited labs to ensure the delivery of superior-quality products
• Our integration of technology and professionalism assures consistency in our products, fostering customer confidence.

With our earthquake-resistant TMT bars and a rich history of seven decades contributing to various infrastructure domains across India (such as urban development, irrigation, transportation, defense, and power projects), Shyam Steel is committed to delivering excellence to the people of Karnataka.

Pioneering the adoption of cutting-edge international technology for electric arc furnaces, our continual investment in R&D has positioned us as one of India’s most cost-effective and premier TMT bar manufacturers, now extending our offerings to the customers of Karnataka.



Construction started in 2005 and Shyam Steel became a proud part of Rajiv Gandhi International Airport, Hyderabad.

Kochi Vallarpadam Terminal

The first transshipment terminal in India and the first container terminal to operate in a SEZ. Shyam Steel has proud association with the project


After Delhi & Mumbai, Kempegodwa International Airport ranks 35th among wonderful Airports in Asia and Shyam Steel plays a proud part in its making.


Construction started in 2010 and Shyam Steel became a proud supplier for Chennai metro.

Kerala State Highways

Shyam Steel has been a proud supplier for state highways in Kerala


Shyam Steel’s tmt has been used in development of Chennai Port Trust

Chennai Bypass

32 km long Chennai Bypass is one of the important connector projects of National Highway Development Project. This bypass interconnects NH 45, NH4 and NH 5. Shyam Steel contributed with best quality steel products in its making.


NH844 (Hosur – Dharmapuri) is 90 km long is one of the Auxiliary route for NH 44 and a main connects between Karnataka and Tamilnadu. Shyam Steel contributed with best quality steel products in its making.