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Best TMT Bar/TMT Saria in Bihar – Bihar is located in the Eastern India. It is twelfth-largest Indian state and the third largest by population.

Bihar is one of the most important agricultural states in India. 80 percent of its population is employed in agricultural production. The important products that are manufactured in Bihar are:

  • Fourth largest producer of Vegetables
  • Eight largest producer of Fruits
  • The state has really moved and grown in last couple of years for few industries such as
    • Food Processing
    • Manufacturing
    • Sugar
    • Dairy

Bihar is focused on Tourism, Healthcare and Renewable Energies. Bihar has a unique location specific advantage for which it is well connected with eastern and northern India. For adequate resource availability industries are barging into the state.

Industrial Growth in Bihar

Bihar for its unique location advantage gets the access to ports in East India and also to raw materials and mineral reserves in the neighboring states.

The state has 50 industrial areas and mega industrial parks. Along with Agriculture Bihar is rapidly growing for Electronics, Textiles, Leather and Information Technology. Bihar has also identified the importance for Renewable Energies, Power Sectors, Hospitality and many more. In 2018, Indian Railways launched its first electric locomotive engine in March 2018.

Bihar comes under Seismic Zone V

Bihar is located on the boundary of the tectonic plate joining the Himalayan tectonic plate near Bihar-Nepal border. Bihar falls under high seismic zone. Bihar had witnessed many earthquakes out of which 1934 Nepal-Bihar earthquake was the biggest one with Magnitude of 8 or more. During this earthquake 8500 people were collapsed and the overall result was catastrophic.

For any Earthquake prone zone it is important to choose only earthquake resistant TMT Bar that can hold the structure during an earthquake. TMT Bars that has the right combination of Strength & Flexibility can only do that. Manufacturing process of TMT Bar makes it stronger from its outer core and flexible inside. As per IS Standards Fe 500d grade TMT Bar has the right balance to exchange extra energy during the earthquake.


Shyam Steel is India’s most trusted TMT Bar Manufacturer & Supplier. Since 1953 it is continuously delivering the best quality primary steel products in India. Our TMT Rebars are manufactured at our own Integrated Steel Plant and tested at our own NABL Accredited Lab. In Bihar it is important to buy only Earthquake Resistant TMT Bar/TMT Saria. For any construction whether it is civil construction or your dream home you can get Shyam Steel’s best quality TMT Bar at Best Price.


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Gandhi Setu – Patna, Bihar
IOCL Refinary – Barauni, Bihar
Koshi Barage, Bihar
Muzaffarpur Bypass, Bihar
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