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Best TMT Saria in Jharkhand – A newly formed state that is functional since November, 2000. Jharkhand is surrounded by West Bengal, Uttar Pradesh and Chattisgarh.

Jharkhand has widespread of forest land apart from that Agriculture and integrated events are major sources to the state.

The state is rich with mineral resources. Availability of dolomite, coal, iron ore, graphite, limestone etc. opened the business avenues in exporting to the various trades.

India’s 40% mineral growth centre is Jharkhand. Due to high availability of metals and minerals Jharkhand became the hub for

  • Steel Industry
  • Automobile Industry
  • Power Plants
  • Cement Manufacturers

Other than these a large population of Jharkhand state is involved in cultivating food crops, pulses and various types of crop plantation. Production of honey, milk and meat is also predominant here.

Industrial Growth in Jharkhand

Jharkhand with its rich mineral source it is one of the lucrative location for the industries to launch their production facilities here. Mining is the major industry in Jharkhand since ages. Before the formation of this state it was inclusion of Bihar since then this part of the country was very much involved into mining. Jamshedpur, Ranchi, Bokaro these are places where large industries such as steel, coal and many others are present.

Since the state is formed in 2000 therefore, the calculation of per capita income started lately but this state is already boons with manufacturing and large scale industries. The per capita income of the state will increase in coming years with country’s production and usage pattern and growth.

Jharkhand comes under Seismic Zone IV

The state Jharkhand falls in a region of low to high seismic zone. Some part of Jharkhand comes under Seismic Zone II but some of it such as Sahibganj, Gojja, Dhanbad falls under seismic zone IV.

A portion in Jharkhand state is closer to Himalayas therefore the changes in tectonic plate causes quakes in Jharkhand along with Bihar. In recent past Jharkhand along with West Bengal & Bihar felt several tremors.

Result of an Earthquake can be mild or catastrophic but it is important to ensure the safety of your house always. Thermo-mechanically treated bars (TMT Bars) become ferrite-pearlite structure. The tough outer core and soft inner core provides the perfect combination of strength & flexibility.

Therefore during the earthquake it can absorb extra energy and hold the structure from being uprooted.


Other than this, Best Quality TMT Bars are Corrosion resistant as well. Worldwide corrosion resistant TMT Bars is in high demand. It bond in RCC and make the structures long lasting. Other than that TMT Bars are highly fire resistant. It can resist thermal pressure up to 600°C.


In Shyam Steel our objective is to provide the best quality steel bars that can make your home everlasting. TMT Bars that are manufactured in Integrated Steel Plant (ISP) are best in quality. Starting from raw material production up to the end product manufacturing everything is done under one roof.

Shyam Steel’s fe500d TMT Bars has the best elongation therefore; it can be used for all type of structural purposes. Our TMT Bars are tested at NABL Accredited Labs.

Therefore whenever you are planning to build your house without worrying you can choose our Best Quality TMT Bars that Guaranteed with Best Price.

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Ranchi Sports Complex – Jharkhand
Ranchi Sports Complex – Jharkhand
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