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Best TMT Bar in Assam – Assam is located in the northeast of India. Assam as a state is the gateway of northeast India.

Assam is the third largest producer of petroleum and natural gas in India. It has 5 national park and 18 wildlife sanctuaries. Industrial growth in Assam is magnificent therefore it has 20 industrial estates, 3 industrial growth centers, 11 integrated Infrastructure Development Depots, 17 industrial areas, 12 growth centers, eight mini industrial estates, one export promotion park and one food processing industrial park.

Assam is one of the vital links for trade with Asian countries that are in Southeast. Assam is famous for its:

  • Tea
  • Petroleum Resources
  • Silk
  • Bio-Diversity products

Other than these Assam is very popular for tourism. The heritage structures and scenic beauty attracts many a tourism around the year from India & abroad.

According to a study by World Bank Assam’s rank is 22nd state in India to provide the ease of business to the industries. The state has adopted numerous investor friendly policy that actually accelerated industrial development of the state.

Industrial Growth in Assam

The Govt. had taken active initiative by forming “Assam Industrial Development Corporation Limited” that ensures a vibrant and sustainable industrial growth to the state. The AIDC do the following that ensure the industrial growth to the state of Assam.

  • Establish and encourage the industries to invest in the state of Assam. To execute/establish the plants/factories for manufacturing at their plant, manufacturing units etc.
  • Help the entrepreneurs by promoting and establish companies and associations to the state.

Overall initiative to increase the growth factor of establishments/companies/enterprises so that the per capita growth of the state of Assam can invariably increases.

Assam comes under Seismic Zone V

North-east India is vulnerable to destructive earthquakes. Assam had witnessed massive destructions in the past for catastrophic quakes with magnitude of 7 or more.

In Assam the most important and considerable fact of construction is to reduce the risk of earthquakes.

It is important to use the best quality construction material that can give the maximum protection during an earthquake. It is important to choose the best quality TMT Bar that has the perfect balance of strength and flexibility. This way only it can hold the structure during an earthquake. Shyam Steel’s flexiSTRONG TMT Bar is strengthening the nation since 1953. Shyam Steel never compromises on quality. TMT Rebars that are manufactured in Integrated Steel Plant are best in quality and tested at their own NABL Accredited lab.

Therefore it is most preferred TMT Bar for India’s most valuable and important projects. Shyam Steel is considered to be the best TMT Bar in Assam. Know the Latest of Price of TMT Bar in Assam.

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Bogibeel Bridge Assam
Dhola–Sadiya Bridge
New Saraighat Bridge– Assam
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