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Numerous steel companies in Kerala are vying for dominance in the construction market, yet only Shyam Steel Industries Limited has truly proven its mettle. With a legacy of 70 years serving India’s mass market, Shyam Steel’s expertise in Retail Services has facilitated the establishment of retail store partnerships across every district in Kerala. The expansion of retail units into every conceivable town is already underway, presenting a substantial opportunity for dealerships. Anyone eager to partner with Shyam Steel and be part of this transformative journey is always welcome.

Shyam Steel Industries Ltd firmly believes that the people of Kerala deserve access to top-tier TMT bars, the same quality used in prestigious constructions such as the Kochi Vallarpadam Terminal, Kerala State Highways, Chennai metro, and many other notable projects. Hence, the company is unwavering in its efforts to establish retail units in every nook and cranny of cities, towns, and even remote areas.

As an organization, we boast a well-established distributor and retail network across the majority of Indian states. Our recent role as a Steel manufacturer in Kerala further solidifies our commitment to expanding our presence in the region.

A Glimpse Through Kerala

Kerala, often hailed as God’s Own Country stands as India’s most picturesque state, nestled along the Malabar Coast. Established on November 1, 1956, under the States Reorganisation Act, Kerala was formed by merging the Malayalam-speaking regions of Cochin, Malabar, South Canara, and Thiruvithamkoor, sprawling across 38,863 km2. Its landscape is a tapestry of secluded beaches, palm-fringed backwaters, mist-draped hill stations, lush tropical forests, cascading waterfalls, captivating wildlife, majestic monuments, vibrant art forms, and alluring festivals that lend it an unparalleled allure.

Situated strategically at the southwestern tip of India, Kerala boasts unique geographical features that have transformed it into one of Asia’s most sought-after tourist hotspots. Beyond its natural beauty, the state harbours India’s most progressive society, achieving a remarkable 100% literacy rate. It also boasts the highest density of Science and Technology experts, the pinnacle of the Physical Quality of Life Index (PQLI) with exceptional life expectancy, and the lowest infant mortality rate, solidifying its status as a beacon of societal advancement and well-being.

Shyam Steel Industries is Now in Kerala

Kerala is currently a hub for both state and national-level infrastructure initiatives, aligning with a wave of rapid expansion and progress in the region. This surge in growth emphasizes the critical necessity for superior-quality raw materials. Recognizing this demand, Shyam Steel Industries has committed to actively contribute to this trajectory of advancement.

Our commitment entails:

  • Providing international-standard products with a robust distribution network in Kerala
  • Offering Shyam Steel TMT Steel Rebars, a blend of strength and flexibility that ensures resilience against seismic impacts
  • Upholding unwavering quality standards, honoring the trust bestowed upon us by our customers by never compromising on the excellence of our steel bars produced at our factory.
  • Manufacturing all our products from virgin iron ore, guaranteeing purity and reliability
  • Leveraging 70 years of experience and maintaining stringent quality control through an NABL-accredited lab to assure the delivery of the finest quality.

At Shyam Steel, our fusion of cutting-edge technology and professionalism ensures product consistency, empowering us to fulfill the commitments we make. This harmonious blend instils unwavering confidence in our customers.

With our earthquake-resistant TMT bars and a legacy of seven decades spanning various infrastructure segments nationwide – encompassing urban development, irrigation, railways, roads, bridges, ports, airports, defence, and power projects – Shyam Steel stands poised to deliver excellence to the people of Kerala.

Check our TMT Bar price and make the best choice for your building in Kerala.

Seeking the finest TMT Bars in Kerala at pocket-friendly prices? Look no further than Shyam Steel for unbeatable prices tailored to each district, ensuring access to top-notch quality TMT bars at fair rates.

Rest assured, at Shyam Steel, transparency is our mantra – pay only for what you purchase. We uphold a commitment to; transparency, no hidden charges or extra costs to your purchase.



Construction started in 2005 and Shyam Steel became a proud part of Rajiv Gandhi International Airport, Hyderabad.

Kochi Vallarpadam Terminal

The first transshipment terminal in India and the first container terminal to operate in a SEZ. Shyam Steel has proud association with the project


After Delhi & Mumbai, Kempegodwa International Airport ranks 35th among wonderful Airports in Asia and Shyam Steel plays a proud part in its making.


Construction started in 2010 and Shyam Steel became a proud supplier for Chennai metro.

Kerala State Highways

Shyam Steel has been a proud supplier for state highways in Kerala


Shyam Steel’s tmt has been used in development of Chennai Port Trust

Chennai Bypass

32 km long Chennai Bypass is one of the important connector projects of National Highway Development Project. This bypass interconnects NH 45, NH4 and NH 5. Shyam Steel contributed with best quality steel products in its making.


NH844 (Hosur – Dharmapuri) is 90 km long is one of the Auxiliary route for NH 44 and a main connects between Karnataka and Tamilnadu. Shyam Steel contributed with best quality steel products in its making.