Voice Of Shyam Steel

Experience the power of Shyam Steel Flexi Strong TMT Rebars through the voices of industrial professionals and partners like engineers, contractors, masons and builders. Hear them out to know their experience in using Shyam Steel products and choose excellence for your construction needs.

Krishan Bhushan | Engineer Meet Gopalganj, Bihar

P. K. Ray | Engineer Meet Gopalganj, Bihar

Shyam Milan 2023

Shyam Milan 2023 | Dealer’s Testimonials

Shyam Steel | Engineers Testimonials

Mizanur Islam | Engineer Meet Hojai, Assam

Murti Pandey | Engineer Meet Gopalganj, Bihar

Ranjeet Bhagat | Engineer

Architect- Subhankar Chakraborty

Dealer – Ashok Kr. Choudhary

Channel Partner-Shyam Karnani

Channel Partner-Shri Rajen Kalita

Channel Partner-Mr. Kulen Kalita

Channel Partner-Sumit Poddar

Our User’s Experience

Architect-Daisy Deka

Mr. Hiren Das-Assam

Mr. Ajay buragohain-Assam

Mr. Jakkula Kumar-Jangaon | Telangana

Mr. Bandaru Maruti Raju – Telangana

Mr. Rohit Kumar- Ayodhya