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Manipur is the eastern-most corner of Northeast India. It is well known as ‘flower of lofty heights’ ‘a jewel of India’ etc. for its extravagant flora and fauna.
Manipur also known as ‘Gateway to the East’ because through Moreh town in Manipur trade is feasible between India, Myanmar and other Southeast Asian countries.

The significant trade in Manipur are as follows:

  • Manipur is the largest Bamboo producing state in India
  • Highest number of Handicrafts, Artisans belong to this state
  • Largest Cottage Industry for Handloom is amongst the top 5 in India
  • India’s Largest Food Processing companies invested to the state of Manipur

Manipur govt. is actively taking initiative to the industrialization for the progress of the state. Factories, Mills, Power plants had grown rapidly to the state. The Government has made persistent efforts for rapid industrialization of the state thereby generates more employment opportunities, alleviates of poverty and remove economic disparities.

Manipur state comes under Seismic Zone V, low to moderate intensity earthquakes recorded here almost regularly. In the year 1988 one of the biggest earthquake with M7.2 manipur had witnessed. Areas that lies in central Manipur are most vulnerable to damage during earthquake as they lie in the Imphal valley, the lowest point that is near to the Logtak lake.

As the state is rapidly growing, Industrial and Retail constructions elevated as well. Therefore, it is important to use only Earthquake Resistant TMT Bar that reduces the vulnerability during natural disasters. Shyam Steel is associated with India’s Largest Projects since 1953 and now we have decided to expand to Manipur to built in our flexiSTRONG way. The company has 15 branches, multiple stockyards, 50 plus distributors and over 1700 dealers pan-India.

Shyam Steel launched in Manipur with the oath to build the state strong. We always delivered our best quality TMT Rebar that you can get at best price.


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