We Just don’t build competence but also grow communities

Shyam steel has always put forward and contributed towards various corporate social responsibilities (CSR activities)for social development which will have social, economic and environmental impacts. In CSR campaigns, issues that get considerable priority are education, poverty, gender equality, hunger and environment.

Shyam Steel always believed that the sustainable community development is essential for harmonious development of both the community and our industry. We endeavor to make a positive contribution especially to the special communities by supporting a range of socio-economic, educational and health initiatives by adopting a need profile analysis and implementing sustainable social development projects. Shyam Steel Ind. Ltd. has been actively contributing to the field of CSR since long. ‘We just don’t build competence, but also grow communities’, is the basic mantra of ‘Shyam Steel Foundation’, a trust for various CSR initiative by Shyam Steel. Previously we were contributing as “Beriwala Seva Trust” for various CSR initiatives. We have undertaken a number of developmental activities for social, educational, rural and cultural upliftment. Apart from these, they are also looking forward to enhance a viable and sustainable stakeholder value, relevant to local contexts and with a global appeal. For the last couple of years, Shyam Steel has spearheaded several meaningful CSR activities with positive impacts on nature and the society. We had spent INR 12.98 million and INR 7.58 million respectively, in fiscal years 2017 and 2018 for various CSR activities.

Some of the CSR ventures undertaken by Shyam Steel include:

Development of Children’s Area 

In an increasingly competitive environment, today’s children hardly get any time to spend in the play grounds. Moreover, the hungry civilization has taken away the greens and the fields from them. A growing concern is the fact that with this alienation from nature, what will the future generation of the country is like? So, Shyam Steel has taken several initiatives to build or renovate parks in different parts of West Bengal. In June 2018, Shyam Steel developed a children’s park, the Vivekananda Bayam Samiti at Behrampore, West Bengal, gifted it to all the children of the locality.

Sanitary Pad Distribution

Though six decades have passed after India’s independence, menstrual health and hygiene still remain a burning issue in our country. The taboos related to this normal biological process experienced by women, prevail in major parts of the society. Girls still do not have a proper idea about sanitary pads or napkins, and depend on old unhygienic processes during the menstruation period. This causes serious health hazards, leading adolescent girls to drop out from schools, or further creating physical problems in the future. Keeping this scenario in mind, and to break the vicious cycle of silence related to menstruation, Shyam Steel had taken the initiative to distribute free sanitary pads to the women of Bankdaha village of Bankura district in West Bengal, in January 2019. Several women attended the noble programme organized at the ground in front of the Bankdaha Primary School.

Blood Donation Camp

A healthy gesture, blood donation is one of the most significant contributions that a person can make towards the society. In August 2018, Shyam Steel Foundation organized blood donation camp inside its plant premises at Jemua Mouza, Mejia Block, Bankura, in collaboration with Bankura Sammilani Medical College & Hospital. The Block Development Officer, Mejia, Bankura, was present in the programme and acknowledged this CSR initiative as a benchmark for industries, in and around the Bankura District. Bankura Sammilani Medical College & Hospital made perfect arrangements for this blood donation camp and 120 employees donated their blood for this noble cause, making the event a grand success.

Flood Relief Camp

July 2017 witnessed some of the worst calamities in Bengal. Several districts were hit by heavy floods and the misery of the people was intolerable. At that time too, Shyam Steel came forward with aids and reliefs for the people of the flood-hit areas, distributing clothes, plastic sheets, food, medicines, water bottles, etc.

Fan Distribution through School Development Programme

The ‘Jungle Mahal’ area of West Bengal is considered to be one of the most backward areas of the state. Nature too is very cruel there, with scorching summers and chilly winters. During summers, students of this area suffer due to extreme heat and the lack of basic amenities in their schools, like light or fans. To address this problem and bring some relief to the students, Shyam Steel undertook a fan distribution programme in the month of June, 2018, in the Purba and Paschim Medinipur districts of West Bengal.

Mobile Health Care Unit

Even in this century, several patients die from the lack of proper or in-time treatment, during their illnesses. To reduce this number and ensure proper treatment, Shyam Steel has taken the initiative to  provide ambulances that help the society. Supported by Help Age India, this Mobile Health Care Unit initiative boasts of two slogans – ‘reaching the unreached’ and ‘healthcare at your doorstep’.

Cleaner City Initiative

The ‘Swaccha Bharat Mission’ or the ‘Cleaner India’ project has been taken to a new level by the country and Shyam Steel has also become a part. To keep Kolkata clean, the brand has taken the initiative to place a number of waste bins, on almost all the footpaths in and around Salt Lake, contributing in its own little way to make the city a beautiful one.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is about managing the overall impact of a company on the society and Shyam Steel understands that an enterprise cannot continue to prosper without being considerate towards people and the environment. Hence, Shyam Steel promises to strive to protect and improve the environment, pursuing sustainable development through all aspects of its business activities, tirelessly.