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How to Select the Right Type of Mortar in Construction

Mortar is very important in construction process along with best quality TMT bar, steel, rods, sand, stones, wood, brick etc as it is used for binding bricks and stones of a building. There are different kinds of mortars accessible which are mainly separated based on their binding power, strategies, mass thickness, and binding materials. A few mortars are utilized for particular purposes like giving support to fire, reducing noise, protect against chemical attack and etc.

To select the right mortars for any constructions project it requires proper expertise and knowledge. Before finalizing the correct type of mortar you should know about the structural design requirements.

What do you understand by Mortar?

Mortar is generally utilized for joining module and for plastering the brick surface, which is a solid mixture of mud, lime, concrete or a mix up of these and fine compilation of sand and water.

Uses of Mortar in Construction

  1. Mortar is utilized to bind the blocks or stones together in block or stone workmanship.
  2. It is utilized to give a soft base between various layers of block for the same pressure distribution over the base.
  3. It is utilized to occupy the spaces between stones or bricks for making strong wall.
  4. It is utilized in concrete as a support.
  5. It is utilized in concealing the joints to improve the look of the building.

What are the Types of Mortar in Construction?

  • Type M Mortar

It has the best binding power among all. The base binding strength of Type M Mortar is 2500 psi. Its strength is equal to stone, thus recommended to make use of in outer areas like driveways, fountain areas, absorbing walls etc. It isn’t suitable to use Type M Mortar in places that are uncovered since it has lack of sealing capabilities.

  • Type S Mortar

The binding power of this kind of mortar is medium. The base binding strength of Type M Mortar is 1800 psi. It is suggested to utilize for lower level tasks like in pavements, sewerage systems. It is able to bear pressures from an earthquake or any such vibrations. For best construction we need proper mixture of mortars along with top quality TMT bars, steels, bricks, cement, rods and etc.

  • Type N Mortar

Type N mortar also has the same binding strength as medium. Yet, its base binding strength is lesser than Type S Mortar, its 750 psi. It comprises of a combination of sand, lime and Portland. It is best utilized in the development of houses and is liked by the average person. Type N mortar is mostly preferred in the building construction which utilizes delicate stone.

  •  Type O Mortar

The binding strength of this mortar is low. The base binding strength of Type O mortar is 350 psi. It is generally utilized in insides which have a low loading capacity. Usually, this kind of mortar isn’t utilized in outer constructions where there are high air pressures. Hence it can be applied for repairing purpose of old construction.

Tips for Selecting Right Mortar

It is mandate to take advice from an engineer regarding your construction needs. It is important to mix the construction materials with right proportion to get the perfect result. The key materials which are mixed are lime, concrete, and sand. The ratio decides their binding strength, power and flexibility. The mixture of the mortar must be strong enough to hold the construction.

The construction engineer chooses upon two unique strategies to finalize the materials for mixing to make the exact kind of mortar. One technique is to test in a research laboratory and test the action of the mortar prior applying it. The main element which defines the quality of the mortar is the proportion of the materials and the ratio of water and air in the mortar. The second technique is directly mixing the elements in proper ratio without experimenting.