How to choose Best TMT Bars?

Building a home is a lifetime affair. The process of making a home is extensive and it involves multiple level of complexity that starts from planning.

Planning starts with the architect who helps to identify the spot, planning the building architecture etc. Along with the architect you should have the experienced team of masons who have good reputation for working with the previous projects.

The material for construction you cannot compromise because it determines the longevity of your building. The main construction materials are such as TMT Bar, Cement, Sand, Bricks etc. Out of all these TMT Bar is one of the most important components in construction that bond with RCC (Reinforced Cement Concrete). These reinforced steel bars determine the strength of the structure and it protects the building during an earthquake.

How to buy TMT Bars?

These are the important factors that need to be judged before selecting the TMT Bars. You need to use the High Quality TMT Bars for all type of construction purposes. Therefore, it is important to look at each factor that we are explaining below:

Strength & Flexibility of the TMT Bar

TMT Bars that you are selecting for construction purposes should have the right balance of Strength & Flexibility. For this property only TMT Bars are widely accepted for all type of construction purposes. India comes under high seismic zone with devastating history of earthquake.

Therefore it is important to choose the TMT Bar that has right balance of strength & flexibility so that it can absorb extra shock during an earthquake and keep the building from not being uprooted.

Grade of the TMT Bar

TMT Bars comes in different grades that starts from Fe 415 and goes upto Fe 600. The grade of the TMT Bar determines the elongation.

Lower grades TMT Bars such as Fe 415 grade TMT Bar have Lower Strength and High Flexibility whereas higher grades TMT Bar such as Fe 600 have Higher Strength & Lower Flexibility.

Fe 500D is the best grade of TMT Bar to choose for all type of construction purposes for its perfect balance between strength & flexibility. Shyam Fe 500D TMT Bars comes with 560min N/mm2 proof stress that protects your home during an earthquake other than any other grade of TMT Bars.

High grade TMT Bars can bend upto 90 degrees without losing its property.

ISO Certified TMT Bar

Before buying TMT Bar you need to check the certification as well. ISO (International Standards Organization) certified TMT Bars are the must one you should choose. It ensures the quality TMT Bar.

Shyam Steel TMT Bars has been assessed and certified as meeting the requirements of ISO Certification & BIS Licenses.

Highly Ductile TMT Bar

Highly Ductile TMT Bars are most preferable for all construction purposes. It can be used for any structure because it can bend easily without any fatigue. For high Ductility it becomes easier to transport from one place to another as well.

Fe 500D TMT Bar has the maximum ductility over other grades of TMT Bar. Highly ductile TMT Bar has

  • Higher Yield Strength
  • Ultimate Tensile Strength
  • Easy Bendability
  • High Weldability

Corrosion Resistant TMT Bar

TMT Bars will expose to the environment during the construction. Corrosion Resistant (CRS) TMT Bars are high in demand for all type of construction purposes.

Thermo mechanical treatment results in a uniform and thick tempered martensitic rim, completely free from internal stress. These TMT Bars are highly corrosion resistant and less prone to fatigue.

Shyam Steel Corrosion Resistant (CRS) TMT Bars passes through various corrosion tests that proves it higher corrosion resistant than other TMT Bars.


It is always recommended to buy the TMT Bars from reputed brands.

Shyam Steel is most preferred TMT Bars for all type of construction purposes. Since 1953 it is delivering the best quality TMT Bars in India. Shyam Steel’s top TMT Bars are being used for India’s reputed construction projects.

Shyam Steel’s Quality Management, Inspection Process Quality Control sets us apart from other manufacturers. Shyam Steel never compromised on quality it’s dedication on quality control has contributed to its ongoing success.