Top 9 reasons to choose Shyam Steel TMT bar for your Home

While making a home or building you need to be careful about choosing the material. The important factors for choosing the building materials are Contractors, Engineers and Masons as well.

Often, people rely upon the vendors and do not check the quality of it. Low cost materials degrade the quality of construction. You need to ensure the right quality and the right grade so that your home can fight against earthquake and any other natural disaster.

Shyam Steel flexiSTRONG TMT Rebar

  1. Shyam steel is one of the pioneer to setup its own integrated steel plant in Eastern India that ensures its quality.
  2. Our IS 1786:2008 Fe 500D TMT Rebar proven to be the best quality with maximum elongation property that helps to protect your home during earthquake.
  3. Shyam Steel TMT Rebar bend/re-bend property can used for all kind of structural purposes without losing its property.
  4. Our Thermex Technology (Germany) for cooling the TMT bar provides the output that delivers the perfect combination of Strength and Flexibility. It makes the TMT softer in core for flexibility and harden from outside for strength.
  5. Shyam Steel proven to be one of the best steel manufacturing company in India since 1953, endlessly associated with valuable projects. Making every home strong and Earthquake proof across the nation.
  6. Shyam Steel never compromise on quality and ensure to provide it at best price. Our optimized process to manufacture TMT bars ensures minimal wastage.
  7. We do not deliver what we have; we exactly meet the criteria of our buyers and deliver according to their need. Our aim is to reach to the every corner in India so that we can contribute to build our nation strong. “Charity begins at Home” therefore our utmost priority to make your home strong.
  8. Shyam steel follows every guideline for safety instructions and we are ISO 9001:2008 & ISO 14001:2004 certified and OHSAS: 18001 Certified.
  9. We not only focus on TMT Bar manufacturing but also try to deliver everything that you need for your home. From planningconstruction related queries and post construction you can raise your query and our expert is there to help you.

Shyam Steel is one of the pioneer steel manufacturer and Supplier in India. Now you can also buy our best quality TMT rebar online with special discount offer.