Post completion of the main construction work it involves a lot of activities to make your home ready for Living in with your family. These factors are crucial and essential to ensure how smoothly and seamlessly you will be living in your Dream Home.


Flooring and Framing

The upper segment of the floor can be made of various materials such as Cement, Wood, Marble, Tiles etc. The longevity of the floor depends upon the foundation. Considering the fact that you had a periodic check during the foundation upper segment finishing with the material, slope, surfaces (which varies places to places) is perfect.

Underground Plumbing

In this trade water supply and sanitary drainage, both come together.
When laying the piping in the trench, the writing that indicates the type and class of pipe should face up and all the joints must be visible until an inspection by the local authority. Water Drainage and Water Supply to check with keep an eye at-least for few consecutive days so that you do not face any water blockage, crunch on the regular water supply etc.

Exterior Cladding

Exterior cladding is done with an assembly of materials that separates the interior structure from the exterior. It protects against exterior elements such as Rain, Heat, Sound etc.

Door and Window joineries

When you choose to make your own house instead of buying an existing property it’s because you think for the long term for your family. Windows and Doors directly influence a home’s security, sound control and energy efficiency. You should have close check that ensures the right look for your home as well as your safety and longtime durability.

Wiring for Lighting, Phone, Broadband etc

These factors are important to make your daily life easier and much more accessible to the outer world. These are needed to ensure you and your family members comfort and you can run your daily activities seamlessly.

Interior and Exterior Painting

Home is a place where one gets peace after a whole day of work. Homeowners are conscious of the interior and exterior painting. Interior painting need a lesser amount of maintenance if you consider selecting the good quality paint and exterior is more exposed to heat, rain etc so you have to go for the option which can protect your plastering and it needs timely maintenance too.


Room structures and designs are pre-defined during your planning stage. The most important thing to take it closely because the structure, paint, wiring is going to make your daily life easier.


Fencing is very important which ensures privacy, security, Marking your area boundary and also to enhance the look of your home. Fencing can be done with varied material but in Indian Environment mostly it’s fence wall made of brick with innovative design and paint art.


Stairs play a vital role whether it is for the entrance of your house or to access different floor & terrace. You need be particular and do a close check on the size, finishing, grilling on each size that reduces the complexity and risk. It ensures its accessibility for every member of your home.


Cleaning is most important before you enter your home post construction. This is the time when you should take help of the professional cleaning agency or a team who can clean all dust and unused junk materials from your home. It’s very important to run the drill before fixation of the furniture’s and post-fixation as well.

Griha Pravesh

The moment you are ready to enter your home it brings happiness and accomplishment to your long waited for hard work, effort.
Griha Pravesh is the Indian occasion perform before you enter your home whereas in modern society everyone celebrates and invite to neighbors, friends and family to the House Warming party to celebrate the wellness. It is a good time when everyone comes and sees the newly decorated and built house as well as shares the happiness and meet each other.