8 Uncommon Facts on Steel

Iron and Steel two of these are the primary mechanism that drives a country’s economic growth. Iron and Steel is the primary and mandate requirement for all types of construction and manufacturing activities. We all know so many facts about steel but few facts are unknown to us and equally amazing.

  • We all are suffering from Global Warming hence many of us are trying to be devoted towards the environment. Do we all know: Steel does not lose any of its properties during the recycling process. It can be melted down and cast into a new form as many times as required.
  • Kolkata’s longest bridge Second Hooghly Bridge which is the longest bridge as well is built using steel pylons 127.62 meters (418.7 ft) high. The Structural Steel used in the making of Second Hooghly Bridge weighs about 13,200 tonnes.
  • During the summer, The Eiffel Tower grows about 6.75 inches due to thermal expansion.
  • Sir Henry Bessemer inventor who developed the first process for manufacturing steel inexpensively in 1856 leading to the developments of the Bessemer converter.
  • In the year 1897, the steel framed car was introduced.
  • Steel framed roofs are less impervious to termites.
  • Steel is 1000 times as strong as iron in its pure form but at the same time, it carries flexibility too which protects any structure better than iron.
  • An integrated steel plant contains :
    • Iron making (conversion of ore to liquid iron/ iron ore -> sponge iron -> liquid steel).
    • Steel making (conversion of pig iron to liquid iron).
    • Casting (solidification of liquid steel)
    • Roughing rolling/ billet rolling (reducing size of blocks)
    • Product rolling (finished shapes)

Therefore, these are 8 facts that excite you more to know about Steel. Steel is essential not only for huge construction purposes but also for your home building and other retail purposes such as an expansion of your home, roofing, fencing on stairs etc. The form of steel which is used as TMT BarsStructural SteelMS Billets, grills and more.