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TMT Rebars

Shyam Steel’s TMT rebars come with a series of inherent advantages like consistent quality along with uniform grades, dimensions and tolerances. It also comes with superior stability, properties for higher durability and easy workability. Its integrated steel plant at Durgapur has DRI Unit, SMS Unit(EAF), Continuous Billet Casting Mill, sophisticated  Rolling Mill and fully-equipped Testing laboratories – all under one roof. The Company has received ISO – 9001, 14001 and OHSAS 18001 certification.

Shyam Steel is offering the widest range of construction steel. Its range of TMT Re-bars suffices the rarest need of a civil engineer. The range of Structural Steel offered by the company meets the maximum demands of the engineering sector.

TMT Re-Bars Fe 500D

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High Strength for Critical Applications


The Shyam Steel Re-bars Fe 500D is a special grade of TMT Re-bars produced under specific process conditions resulting in increased strength as compared to Fe 415/415D grade TMT Re-bars. Fe 500D Re-bars are ideal for applications in heavy load RCC structures like flyovers, dams, bridges and other critical structures where high yield load (design load) is required without compromising on the ductility. In addition to the features of Shyam Steel TMT Re-bars  exhibit the following characteristics

Special Weldability

Shyam Steel TMT Re-bars do not require pre or post welding treatment as they have low carbon content and are produced under controlled thermomechanical treatment.

Higher Corrosion Resistance

The controlled thermomechanical treatment also results in a uniform and thick tempered martensitic rim, completely free from internal stress. This martensitic rim improves the corrosion resistance as well as fatigue strength of the Shyam Steel TMT Re-bars Fe 500D when compared to other TMT Re-bars.


Cost Advantage


Ast = 0.85xMxD/fy   where,
Ast = Area of Steel in tension     M=Moment in Tension
D = Depth of Section      fy =Stress of Steel in tension

Therefore, it is evident from the above calculations that higher the tensile strength, lesser is the consumption of steel.

Type of Structure Steel requirement by using Fe 415 Steel requirement by using Fe500 Saving in Steel by using Fe 500
RCC Foundation Heavy Beam 1.00 MT 0.83 MT 1.70 Kg

Or Fe 415/415 D is 415N/mm2 and 500 N/mm2 for Fe 500D TMT Re-bars.

Shyam Steel TMT Re-bars Fe 500D is effective over usual HYSD for savings 17%.


Description IS: 1786 Fe 500 Shyam 500 TMT Re-bars IS: 1786 Fe 500 D Shyam 500D TMT Re-bars
0.2% Proof Stress(min N/mm2) 500 540 500 560
Ultimate Tensile Strength (min N/mm2) 545 640 565 660
%Total Elongation at max force min 5 6
%Elongation.min 12 18 16 20
Bend 4d to 5d 3d to 4d 3d to 4d 2d to 3d
Rebend 5d to 7d 4d to 6d 4d to 6d 3d to 5d
Carbon (% max) Phosphorous & Sulphur (% max) 0.300
Phosphorous + Sulphur (% max) 0.105 0.095 0.075 0.065
CE (% max) 0.42 0.400 0.42 0.350
Nitrogen (ppm max) 120 100 120 100



Worldwide demand for Microalloyed low alloyed Re-bars generates majorly from industries like Power, Oil and Gas extraction, Road & Bridge construction and Port development. This is due to their improved strength-ductility, corrosion properties as well as increased toughness.

Shyam Steel CRS TMT Re-bars have been tested in rigorous corrosion media and evaluated for various corrosion resistance properties as per ASTM standards viz. Alternate immersion test, salt spray test, atmosphere exposure test, sulphur Di Oxide test and Potentiodynamic test. As per the different types of corrosion test Shyam Steel CRS TMT Rebars more corrosion resistant than normal TMT Rebars available in the market.

Corrosion Resistance Index (CRI)

Type of Test Non CRS TMT Re-bars CRS TMT Re-bars
Potentio Dynamic Test 1.0 2.35
Salt Spray Test 1.0 1.59
Sulphur Dioxide Test 1.0 1.68
Alternate Immersion Test 1.0 1.92


Shyam Steel Re-bars have been tested at a number of reputed national institutes like IIT Kanpur and National Test House, under actual service conditions. The field data obtained in actual service condition demonstrates its durability compared to other TMT Re-bars.


  1. No additional precaution required in material handling and transportation
  2. No additional preparation for storage or working at site
  3. No maintenance during fabrication
  4. Workable at poor site conditions
  5. Lifespan cost-benefit
  6. No extra precaution during welding

A Proud Presence throughout India

Shyam CRS TMT Re-bars have been used in projects like

  • Kerala Water Board Project
  • NTPL Tuticorin TPC, Tamilnadu
  • Paradip National Highway, NHAI
  • Haldia Port National Highway, NHAI
  • Indian Oil Corporation Ltd, Haldia
  • Kandla Port Trust
  • JNPT IOCL Terminal
  • Reliance KG Basin
  • Mahegenco Bhuswal TPS Expansion
  • Apgenco Krishnapatnam TPS

Shyam CRS TMT Re-bars are ideal for

  • Oil & Gas Exploration Sites
  • Dams & Bridges
  • Highways & Flyovers Construction
  • Ports & Jetties
  • Thermal & Hydel Power Station
  • Industrial Structures
  • Hazardous Area Construction