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Which Roof Design Is Ideal For Your House

Regardless of the size of your house, the roof design usually has a major impact on it from architectural design to its functionality. That is why it is important to choose the roof design after the consultation from the top construction company in Orissa for your new our existing house. In this segment, we will be discussing the popular roof designs along with their advantages & disadvantages.

1. Flat Roof

These roof designs are most commonly seen with commercial as well as industrial buildings. But they are a great choice for residential purposes as well. You can choose this roof design over your garage or shed dormers once you get a green signal from the top building materials company in Orissa.

Advantages- With an added touch of a nice hipped roof (which we’ll discuss further), flat roofs can be your choice to go on a residential home. Since they have a flat surface, commercial buildings can easily place their heating & cooling system above it.

Disadvantages- The biggest hindrance for flat roofs are water damage! Since there is no way for water to escape from, it causes corrosion followed by expensive roof repairs.

2. Hip Roof

This is the first choice of roof style with bungalows & cottages and has been an integral part of their styling. However, they have been widely used in various other architectural designs of a range of structures.

Advantages- These are considered to be the strongest roof designs. It has an inward slipe on all four slides which makes it an excellent choice in high wind & snowy areas.

Disadvantages- Since it has a complex design they cost more than usual roof designs. Moreover, the additional seams provide the water with an entrance that causes leak formation in case of poor installation.

3. Gable Roof

We all have drawn a house in our drawing book during the early days of school? Little did we know that we were drawing gable roof designs! They are the most basic roof designs with an inverted or upside-down V shape suggested by the home construction services in Orissa.

Advantages- Getting rid of rainwater, snow & debris becomes very easy with this roof while also providing the proper ventilation in the attic space. Another plus point of this roof is its design & build which results in lower labour costs.

Disadvantages- This roof design is a big no for the area of Sunbelt since they don’t stand well against high winds & severe weather which also make them ineligible for the insurance claim.

4. Mansard Roof

This roof design is an inspiration from the French Renaissance architecture and with the best building material supplies in Orissa, can turn out just perfect. The gables are missing in this and the roof includes four slopes, two on either side of a home.

Advantage: The good part about this roof design is that it can add a living or storage space at the top portion of the home and is ideal for small houses looking to capitalize on a full attic or garret area.

Disadvantage: If you are living in an area where you receive heavy snowfall then we suggest you skip this roof design. It is also not suitable for people tight on the budget since it requires bigger investment due to the embellishments and the details included during the construction.