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Popular Roof Styles & Materials For Its Construction

When you observe the weather of India, you’ll majorly conclude it to be a warm climate with the heat & UV rays causing damage to your favourite roofs. Although there is no shortage in rainfall comparatively the temperature remains warm for most of the period. With this segment, let’s take a look at the best roofing/ceiling sheet manufacturers & TMT bar suppliers in Uttar Pradesh along with the styling options & materials to choose from:


Regardless of the size, the roof of any house is the most important feature of it since a good roof will provide protection of what is underneath & also prevent water from entering. There are multiple factors one needs to keep in account while picking the perfect roofing material such as budget, appearance, preference, desired longevity. Let’s take a look at the popular roof types in India:

  1. Flat
  2. Parapet
  3. Gable
  4. Box gable
  5. Hip
  6. Skillion
  7. Combination

No matter which roof styling you choose, one should always ensure the chosen material suits their construction and climate properly to keep the safety and durability alive for a long.

  1. Slate

    Slate tiles are widely used and are the most common roofing materials that are suitable for almost all weather conditions. With a robust nature, using slate will add a good look to the dwelling. Along with this robust nature, you can also pick slate with the lighter shades. They stand a good guard against the excess heat that is usually picked by the house.

  2. Terracotta

    A perfect solution in countries that experience a comparatively higher temperature during summers and hence you can buy ceiling manufacturers in Uttar Pradesh with options like terracotta. Since it has a lighter colour, it comes as a preferable option for individuals that have a similar taste. The colour is also helpful in absorbing lesser heat.

  3. Reflective metal

    There are times when you can look to compromise with the durability while choosing the modern ceiling materials option from Shyam Steel. This is because, during extreme heat, one is only looking for options that can reflect sunlight best. One such option is reflective material roofing as most homeowners keep this option at top of their list.

  4. White flat tile

    Compared to the concrete floor covering, this comes as a lighter version of it and that is why it is the best option for individuals looking for lighter concrete tiles. These tiles are often manufactured with ceramic and other materials. Since the tiles are white, it makes the light & heat reflect apart from the durability as it’s another plus point.

  5. Concrete tiles

    One of the most common options, when you are looking at the best materials for residential roofing in Uttar Pradesh is concrete tiles. These are the best options among all the affordable roofing materials. Similar to terracotta, concrete tiles remain unaffected during hot and humid weather. The main ingredients used for its manufacturing includes cement, sand and water. It allows the tiles to come out robust and post-baking they are hard enough to be used as a roofing material.