What is Thermo Mechanical Treatment in Steel?

Thermo-mechanical treatment is the simultaneous application to steel that involves heating and cooling. It is to develop better properties in steel by refining its micro structure. This heating technology is referred as hot rolling in this process vast quantities of steel can be handled. For the automation control in continuous casting segment a large quantity of steel such as 50 tonnes can be processed. Temperature in rolling mill for sequencing is used between 1200 – 1300°C.

High Strength & Ductility comes into the steel for Thermo mechanical treatment. Steel turns into ferrite pearlite structure that means the outer core becomes strong and inside remain soft.

Steps for Manufacturing TMT Bar


Few important facts on Thermo mechanical Treatment

  • A consistent austenite forms that is far superior to ordinary steels and the hardening forms during controlled cooling process.
  • Carbon ratio in TMT Bars is as low as 0.5% therefore the tensile strength is high and less brittle.
  • The tempering is done at 100°C that increases the strength and ductility.
  • During Thermo mechanical treatment superior ductility enhances in TMT bars therefore, the austenite causes the balance between Strength and Flexibility.
  • The brittle strength increases in TMT Bar relatively. That is why it becomes usable for any type of construction purposes.
  • The Martensite structure consists of consistent RIBS that give superior bonding quality of steel bars in RCC.

Thermo mechanical treatment in steel makes it far superior for all type of construction.  TMT Bars gives some unmatched advantages those are:

  • TMT Bars comes with better strength & superior Elongation than any other type of steel bars
  • It saves up to 17% of steel
  • The cost of TMT Bar are lower than other types of steel bar
  • For better Ductility & Bendability it is easy to use for any type of construction structure and saves time as well
  • TMT Bars are Resistant to Fire and Corrosion that is why worldwide the demand of TMT Steel Bars are higher
  • The fatigue strength in TMT Bar is higher so, during the construction it can bend as per the requirement

Therefore, Thermo mechanical treatment makes Steel bars superior construction purposes. It is important to choose only Thermo mechanically Treated Bars (TMT Bars) for construction purpose.