How to keep your home cool during summer?

Tips for Summer

Summer season in India starts from March and lasts up to June. In most parts of India it is the hottest time of the year. During the summer time sun rays become intense and during day time it reaches between 40 to 50 degrees in most part of our country. Everyone tries for different remedies that can help to get rid of heat. Here we are going to discuss few points that will help you to reduce the effect of summer at your home.

Two essential measures that you need to do to reduce the effect of this scorching heat during summer. Insulation and Airing these are two essential points that you need to keep in mind while constructing your house.

Insulation to avoid heat during Summer at Home

Every conjunction such as roof, walls, doors, windows needs to be well equipped to prevent heat. Air tight system helps to prevent the heat outside from getting it inside. The same method helps to keep your home warm during winter. Doors, Windows or any area of your house that is exposed to heat needs to be covered with Curtains/shutter/blinds etc. otherwise it engross lot of heat and your house quickly turns into heating oven.

Air Circulation for Cooling at Home during Summer

After the sunset during evening time gentle breeze can helps to sooth the inside environment. It is essential to plan the windows in such a way so that cross ventilation can be done. This night cooling system is widely adapted worldwide that is also known as free cooling. This cooling process has another advantage – it helps to reduce your electricity bill by reducing the usage of Air Conditioning thus it is another way to contribute towards our environment.

Opening a window at basement (if you have) then opening the main door and finally open the roof window. This process will help to cool your house from top to bottom.

Whitewash the Roof to reduce Heat during Summer

During the summer rooms that are beneath of roof absorb more heat that causes temperature increase.

Before the summer appears if you whitewash the terrace floor the heat absorption reduces remarkably. The sun rays bounced back while it falls on roof. This is called Albedo effect. This method helps to reduce the temperature beneath up to 4 degrees.

Apart from these few tip that will help to

Reduce the heat inside:

  • If you have rooms right under your roof keep your roof insulated
  • Proper insulation on wall will protect your home from heat as well as from cold too
  • During the day time when temperature is high keep all your doors and windows closed. It prevents inflow of heat inside.
  • Try to minimize the usage of Gas, Electrical Ovens etc. that generates heat.
  • There are many heat sources that we often ignore. Try to switch off the power sources when these are not in use. These devices generate heat if the power sources are on.
    • Chargers
    • Stand by devices such as Computers, Laptops
  • The outer part of cooling appliances such as Refrigerator, Freezer causes heat therefore, if you put them in an adjacent room it can prevent heating the other rooms and leaving area.
  • LED lights generates minimal amount of heat therefore, try to use it instead of Bulbs or any other thing that can turn your home into a heating oven.

Let it be Cool Inside:

  • During the night if you keep your windows wide open it will help to cool down the temperature inside your house. The cross ventilation process helps to inflow the gentle breeze that decreases the insane effect of heat.
  • While placing the clothes for drying try to place a fan behind it. The humidity of the clothes will help you gain coolness out of it while drying.
  • Try to place Bamboo chick curtains at balconies, windows it absorbs heat naturally.
  • Try to minimize the usage of lights during the day time. As much as you keep your rooms dark it will be cooler.

These are basics that will help you to reduce the effect of heat during summer. For any construction related queries you can take tips from Experts.