TMT Bar Price in Kolkata and West Bengal

The most important construction material that protects your building from all types of natural disaster is TMT Bar. In Reinforced Concrete structure TMT bar works together with concrete by means of effective bonding between the two materials and makes the structure desired strength.

The best quality Thermo Mechanically Treated (TMT) Bars made by using Thermex Technology (QST) provides superior strength, high ductility and adequate weldability.

About Shyam Steel Fe 500D TMT Bars:

  • TMT bars are the main component in the RCC structure that provides tensile strength to the structure. The rib pattern of TMT bars as prescribed in IS 1786 provides the adequate bonding strength with concrete that holds them together and gives desired strength of the structure. Shyam Steel TMT Bar cross ribs and longitudinal ribs are manufactured as per the guideline of IS: 1786:2008.
  • Shyam Steel is the first steel manufacturer company in Eastern India to set up its own integrated steel plant for quality manufacturing. Our non-compromised quality makes us different from the others.
  • Shyam Steel uses QST Technology patented by Thermex, Germany. This advanced technology helps to bring the perfect balance of strength and flexibility in TMT Bars.
  • Our Fe 500d flexiSTRONG TMT bars comes with the perfect balance of strength and flexibility that protects your building from Earthquake and Corrosion.

TMT Bar Price in Kolkata and West Bengal

Making your home is an affair for once in a lifetime. Shyam Steel TMT Bars are widely accepted for commercial and retail use across the nation. Our credential over 60+ years is the trust that we achieved with our effortless contribution over the years toward India’s most valuable projects makes us pioneer in Steel Industry.

When it comes to building your strong home and that can also stand against all natural calamities such as Earthquake, Corrosion, etc., Shyam Steel flexiSTRONG Fe 500d is the best choice to go for at the best price.

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