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Some individuals also look to build their homes in newly developed areas because of their personal preferences. It makes sense for them to get going with a fresh start with like-minded neighbours. But if you are looking to build in already-established areas with the help of a top construction company in Nagaland, you must be witnessing infill lots. In simpler words, infill lots are spaces left after developments and cities have already been populated. Before you go on to build your new home in an empty lot, there are a few factors you should consider.

The main factor for most infill lots is a prime location. These open spaces are often found in desirable neighbourhoods. But don’t make an offer in the initial stage since that location might come with a hefty price tag. Keep the following things in mind:

– Why is this lot vacant?
Have you considered knowing about the vacancy of the lot you’re eyeing or consulted the experts at the best house design services in Nagaland? Some infill lots are left over because some foul smell, sound, or sight would be there compared to the rest of the neighbourhood. Talk to your real estate agent, discuss why the lot is vacant, and see how it’ll affect your living.

– Amenities available
One key benefit of infill lots is that you may pocket some of the existing neighbourhood amenities. From children’s parks to utilities and more, take a good look around the neighbourhood to see that extras are available and how they will be beneficial for your living style.

– Pricing factors
Infill lots can offer you two ways, they’ll either be cheaper because of a few drawbacks, or they might be on the higher price tag side because the lot is in an established area. With infill lots, you’re not investing in the land as much as in the neighbourhood and development. Naturally, top construction companies in Nagaland can help you move swiftly through all the details and get you the best price possible.

Since you will be building your home with the best residential building construction in an established neighbourhood, the design of your dream house is crucial. Consider the following points:

– Size
Infill lots mean you’re building between other structures, and the last thing you want is to create a home that eclipses your neighbours. Look to make a modest home with structured planning.

– Design
Building a modest home with a modern touch in a traditional neighbourhood could put you in a sore thumb situation. Quality architects can provide you with a design that will feel fresh and go with the harmony of the community.

– Resale Value
Don’t put out the possibility of the resale value factor when designing a home in an infill lot. Mind that avoiding the neighbourhood theme may drop your home’s resale value.


– Making Friends
Remember that your neighbours might not welcome your idea of building in an infill lot. If the lot has been vacant for years, your neighbours might be having some utilisation from that extra space. Please make an effort to know your neighbours as they will help form a bond and avoid any conflicts when the dust is in the air from the construction process.

– Following the rules
It’s essential to know and follow the community rules in place. If you are comfortable following the directions, foreign policies are in place. Choose the infill lot when you are responsible enough to respect those rules.