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A home is an individual’s most significant investment. They always want it to remain in its prime condition for as long as possible to get the maximum return from their investment in top construction companies in Jharkhand. However, foundation issues are one such factor that can threaten this expectation. It is best to fix your home’s foundation issues as soon as possible; the longer they delay, the more you spend on foundation repairs.

In this segment, we will talk about all the measures you should follow to fix the foundation issues as soon as possible after you recognise the potential warning signs and figure out the solutions.

  • What are the causes of foundation issues?

Water is the primary culprit for most of the foundation issues. An excessive flow of water causes an expansion in the soil; typical sources are leaks from your pipes or taps, rainwater and snow and draining water from the roof. On the other side, insufficient water can cause shrinkage and settlement.

Additionally, oil is often an issue during the home’s construction with Jharkhand’s best building materials products. If the house is on more than one type of soil, the shifting and settling would be very uneven. Apart from this, in case of the earth is eroding, the foundation will also take a shift.

  • Signs of foundation issues

We’ll highlight the most common warning signs and symptoms if you are unaware of all the potential signs of foundation

– Gaps:

  1. Above kitchen cabinet
  2. Between the garage door and pavement
  3. Between the walls and floor
  4. Between walls and ceiling

– Cracks on or around:

  1. Mouldings
  2. Floors
  3. Bricks
  4. Sheetrock
  5. Fireplace
  6. Foundation

– Additional Signs:

  1. Doors and windows that don’t close completely
  2. Cabinet doors that won’t stay closed

One should also note that a certain amount of fixing is standard; for instance, if your home has a crack that is less than one-fourth of an inch, you should fill it in to avoid potential moisture issues.

  • Fixing foundation issues

Minor cracks can be fixed with relative ease; however, for more significant issues, you should consult the professionals at top construction companies in Jharkhand that will get the job done in your range. A more severe problem that you should cover is a sinking foundation. There are two primary ways to fix this. One is piercing, which can be very expensive for you that involves putting supports beneath the structure. This can cost a hefty sum in your pocket. Mud jacking or slab jacking consists of pumping a mixture of water, sand and cement into the slab, which usually comes under your budget. A structural engineer from home construction services in Jharkhand will help you determine the cause of this foundation problem and the measurable counter option.

  • Avoiding foundation issues

To steer clear of the potential foundation issues, one should reduce the amount of water that gets under the soil and surrounding your house. For instance, ensure that drainage from your roof’s gutters goes away from the home to keep the water drainage several feet away.

Additionally, since the soil expansion and contraction depend on the moisture level,  consider installing a soaker hose system to check the soil moisture level regularly.

The type of tree or plants you plan to put near your home will also increase the potential of developing foundation issues. Willow, elm, oak and poplar are good for absorbing water to keep your soil dry and causing foundation problems.