5 Modern Technologies and Sustainable Building Materials in construction

Sustainable construction materials are not only energy efficient but also help to reduce the cost of construction. Green Buildings are on rise and with its increasing number demand for sustainable construction materials has increased in last few years. With increasing trend of Green Building today people are rapidly shifting towards sustainable materials by depleting natural resources.

Eco-friendly Building Materials

The choice of materials that you are selecting to build your dream home it is important. While building your dream home basic building materials that are used for Roofing, Walls and internal Frontage. Appropriate Eco friendly materials are needed for green building materials and the important factors for selecting the right one is location and the requirement for heating/cooling. The natural cooling/heating is based upon the materials used and reduces the consumption of electricity.


Walls are the crucial for insulation and structural integrity. Porotherm system (modern clay block structural walling system) is provides better insulation for the insides. These types of bricks have exceptional thermal and sound insulation. Clay bricks are made of using natural materials therefore reduces adverse effect of environment.


Roofing materials helps in insulation and frittering. The natural cooling or heating can be controlled by using sustainable materials to the roof. The most important thing for roofing is water proofing.

If you cover your roof by using clay tiles then heating or cooling for outer weather can be controlled. There are several benefits of covering the roof by using clay tiles or similar materials:

  • Superior Water Resistance
  • For low water absorption reduces the chances of allergic reactions
  • Clay tiles are lightweight therefore supporting structures need lesser reinforcement, reduces construction cost and time too.
  • Maintenance cost for clay tiles are minimal
  • High Longevity


The exterior of a building impacts the sustainability of it. With new edge construction type the exterior of a building is built with sustainable materials. The clay built frontage provides

  • Better ventilation
  • Easy to handle for being lighter
  • Required low amount of maintenance compared to anything other such as Glass/Wood etc.
  • High Longevity
  • The insulation properties are higher than any other type of material

5 Modern Technologies in construction that helps to save Resources, Time and Money

Sustainable Materials in Construction

While constructing it is important to use the best quality vis a vis sustainable materials that are long lasting, durable and materials that are Eco friendly. In construction resource consumption as a material is high. Here the minimization can take place by using sustainable materials.

Your dream home or other commercial building construction it should be strong enough to fight against every odd.

Brick – One of the prime materials that cause the insulation. Clay bricks are having excellent insulation properties and made of waste materials that are why it is bio degradable and environment friendly as well.

TMT Steel bars are one more example of it. These are lightweight, consume lesser amount of steel. As per IS Standards TMT Steel bars are most recommended for earthquake prone areas because it has the right balance of strength and flexibility.

Zero-Energy Buildings

In India the trend for Energy Efficient/Zero Energy Buildings started lately but due to rapid environmental degradation government is also taking initiative for building more Zero Energy Buildings. Buildings that can sustain with its green resources are known as Zero Energy Buildings. Renewable energy sources such as solar, wind power etc. are the power source for zero energy buildings.

Low-Emittance Windows

Windows that are made of glass and coated with metallic oxide is known as low-emittance windows. This is known as Green version of windows. Metallic oxide coating prevents the outer heat of sun for which the environment inside stays cooler and cut down the cooling cost rapidly.

Roofing Treatment

In Green building roofs are made of special tiles for low heat absorption and reflective paints. Installing solar reflectance is also a prime method to keep the heat away. Apart from heat absorption another important factor for roof is water absorption. It is important to have error-less drainage system so that proper draining can happen.

Water Conservation

In Green Buildings water conservation is an integral part and helps to lowering 15% potable water. People in India are focusing more on rainwater harvesting to reduce the water scarcity.

Using Sustainable Building Materials in Construction is an aggressive step to stand against the global warming.  Environmentalists are concerned about being greener because of the environment degradation rapidly. Some of the technologies need a higher investment but that has reciprocity to have the benefits in long run.

It is important that you follow correct tips for construction and may you can ask to experts for more details about it.

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