Best Steel Billets Manufacturer  in India

Best Steel Billets Manufacturer India – Shyam Steel Industries Ltd. produces a wide range of Continuously casted Billets in its Integrated Steel Plant. The state-of-art technology of Concast AG Zurich imparts international quality standards and ensures smooth and defect-free casting of billets.

The Billets produced by the company can be broadly divided into Two main types i.e.

  • M.S. Billets.
  • Low Alloy Steel Billets(CRS Billets)
  1. M.S. Billets are used for rolling of TMT Re-Bars and various other structural steel products.
  2. Low Alloy Steel Billets are used from rolling of CRS TMT Re-Bars.

The following are the sizes of Billets available with Shyam Steel Industries Ltd.

  1. 100 X 100
  2. 125 X 125

Physical Properties

DescriptionAs per IS 2830Shyam Billets
Bend (max.)5 mm per meter>= 5 mm per meter
Camber (max.)3mm per meter>= 3 mm per meter
Length3 mt – 13 mt3 mt – 9 mt

Chemical Analysis as pu B2830 : 2012

C150.12-0.18       +0.30-0.60
C15 MMn0.12-0.180.60-1.00
C18 MMn0.15-0.210.60-1.00
C20 MMn0.17-0.230.60-1.00
C15 HMn0.12-0.181.00-1.50
C18 HMn0.15-0.211.00-1.50
C20 HMn0.17-0.231.00-1.50

Billets of different designations are manufactured in three different grades namely A, B, C having sulphur, phosphorous content (on ladle analysis) and carbon equivalent as follows

Chemical Analysis

GradeSulphurPhosphorousCarbon Equivalent (CE)1

Carbon equivalent based on ladle analysis = C + Mn/6 + Cr+Mo+V/5 + Nl+Cu/15

When steel is required in copper bearing quality, copper content is between 0.20 60 0.35 percent.


The following are the Special features of the Shyam Steel Billets: Best Steel Billets Manufacturer in India

  • Excellent Surface Finish The Billets produced by Shyam Steel are free from any surface crack or lamination. Magnetic particle test in order to identify any crack on the surface is done on a regular basis as per its Quality Management Plan.
  • Dimensional Tolerance: Billets at Shyam Steel Industries Ltd. are produced strictly in accordance to IS 2830 for dimensional tolerance.
  • No Internal Defects The Billets produced are free from any internal defects. Defects such as piping blow-holes and pinholes are identified and segregated by Sulphur Print Test.
  • Excellent Corrosion Resistant property: The Special range of Billets known as CRS Billets produced by the company contain various corrosion resistant elements like copper, chromium and phosphorous that impart corrosion resistance to the TMT Re-Bars rolled out of this special type of Billets. The minimum CRE% (Cu% + Cr% + P%) is 0.50%