Indian Mining industry has been playing a major role in the Asian and Global economy as well. Mining is an ancient habitat in India that started almost 6000 years before. At present, India is the worldwide contributor of chromite, coal, iron ore and bauxite.

Shyam Mineral Resource is an initiative by Shyam Steel Group with all-around mining excellence dreams to be the BEST in Mining Industry & Becoming a partner of “Vision 2020” like the way we are contributing towards the best quality TMT bar manufacturing.

Shyam Mineral Resources Private Limited

Shyam Steel new initiative towards Mining Industry is an onus to contribute to the most valuable project “MAKE IN INDIA” with JA Engineering

Joint Venture of Shyam Mineral Resource Limited & JA Engineering

JA Engineering is committed towards The ‘Make in India’ Initiative by Hon’ble Prime Minister of India Shri Narendra Modi in which Shyam Mineral Resource Limited is a proud partner to make it successive

Shyam Mineral Resource Limited
JA Engineering
Indigenous Underground Coal Mining technology through Technology transfer
The transfer of Mass Production Technology with Ja Engineering Excellence to India
Correct implementation of technology in
Provide state-of-the-art training to Indian
underground coal mines
Engineers to International Standards with JAE Skills
Contributing towards maximum growth of the Energy Sector Educate and uplift the Coal Mining Industry of India with Continuous Miner Package & other modern equipment in affordable cost

SMRL Contribution

Shyam Mineral Resource Limited is committed to contribute its effort towards ‘Make In India’ initiative by:

  • Promote and Persuade the World Class Equipment of JAE in India
  • Manufacturing of the various parts of the equipments in India by JAE-SMRL
  • Manufacturing of Continuous Miner, Shuttle Car, Feeder Breaker, Roof Bolter in India by JAE-SMRL


JMFB – 500 AC Feeder Breaker Cat Track Drive

Feeder breakers enable haulage vehicles to rapidly release their payloads. They separate mined material to beltable size and the proportion chains encourage the broken material onto a transport line, decreasing the danger of transport line jams and spillage.

  • Services
  • Repair and Rebuild Services
  • Feeder Breakers, continuous miners, battery scoops
  • Field Service Support
  • Machine inspections
  • Electrical and Mechanical subassemblies and spares
  • Fault finding expertise
  • Extensive Aftermarket Support
  • Through quality reversed engineered solutions as an alternative to the OEM

General Specifications

  • Electricals
  • Powered by dual 38kW AC flameproof motors, running on 1000 VAC section voltage
  • Dust System
  • Hollow steel bit with drill head vacuum permits low dust operation. Both wet and dry drilling operations are available
  • Hydraulics
  • Max working pressure 200 bar, hydraulic oil tank capacity of 700L. Dual pumps with screened intake.
  • Traction System
  • 4 wheel chain drive via hydraulic Sraffa tram motors.
  • Capable of tramming at 2.5km/h. Fitted with Foam filled tires and hydraulic brakes.
  • Safety
  • Rear entry walk through chassis for improved operator safety. Low noise drilling and operation. Fire suppression system.