Why Flexibility in TMT Bar is important with Strength?

To build a home that is strong and long lasting you need TMT Bar.

Why only TMT Bar (Thermo Mechanically Treated Bars)?

Thermo mechanically treated bars yields greater tensile strength, flexibility, and ductility than high yield strength deformed bars. Previously HYSD bars were used for construction purposes but the ductility (flexibility) in HYSD bars are low. HYSD bars are not earthquake resistant that is why TMT Bars are mostly recommended for all type of construction purposes.

During Thermo mechanical Treatment TMT Bars slowly turns into ferrite-pearlite structure for which the outer core of the steel bar becomes tough and softer in core.

Why TMT Bar is used for all type of Construction?

TMT Bar comes with

  • Superior Ductility
  • Superior Strength
  • Excellent Elongation capacity
  • Weldability

TMT Rebars are cost effective over other type of steel bars. It consumes 17% to 20% lesser quantity of steel. For lighter weight transportation cost of TMT Bar is less. For superior ductility it can be used for all type of construction purposes. For superior quality elongation TMT Bar can bend and re-bend upto 180 degrees without any damage. As per ISO Fe 500D grade TMT Bar has the perfect balance of strength and flexibility. Therefore, Fe 500D TMT bar is perfect for “sudden load absorption”. TMT Bars are highly thermal/fire resistant as well.  It can absorb heat from 400 to 600 degree Celsius. Thus, TMT Bar makes your home highly fire resistant.

Flexibility in TMT Bar

It is important to choose ductile TMT Bar. As per IS Standards Fe 500d grade TMT Bars has ultimate tensile strength of 565 N/mm2. Carbon, Phosphorus and Sulphur percentage is as low as 0.25% max. That is why TMT Bars can take sudden loads during an Earthquake or Flood. TMT Bars are highly Corrosion Resistant (CRS) and Resistant to Fire.

For high ductility TMT Bars are used for all type of construction purposes. Countries like China, Indonesia and Japan that are extremely prone to earthquake there also Commercial structures, Skyscrapers, Houses are made of TMT Bars. TMT Bar is the advancement in manufacturing sector that helped to build all type of structures without facing any problem. During the quenching process Steel rods passes through the water spray system in the quenching box. The moment steel bar comes in contact with cold water the outer surface hardens and becomes martensite where the inner core remains soft. During this water spray system (Thermex Technology) TMT Bars become highly tensile.

Flexibility in TMT Bar is important otherwise it cannot exchange the extra load during an earthquake. In new edge construction bending and re-bending is essential. TMT Bar easily bend/re-bend as per construction requirement. If a TMT Bar is not flexible it cannot withstand the building during stronger shock waves.

Fe 500d Grade TMT Bars has the perfect balance of strength & flexibility as per IS Standards. It is recommended to use for all type of construction purposes. Shyam Steel’s Fe 500d TMT Bar is considered to be the best ones in the market compare to the other TMT Bars. This chart below will describe how Shyam Steel’s flexiSTRONG TMT Rebar is the best for all type of construction purposes.

Description S: 1786 Fe 500 D Shyam 500D TMT Re-bars
0.2% Proof Stress(min N/mm2)500560
Ultimate Tensile Strength (min N/mm2)565660
%Total Elongation at max force min56
Bend3d to 4d2d to 3d
Re-bend4d to 6d3d to 5d
Carbon (% max) Phosphorous & Sulphur (% max)0.250.22
Phosphorous + Sulphur (% max)0.0750.065
CE (% max)0.420.35
Nitrogen (ppm max)120100

TMT Rebar saves cost and best in quality over HYSD bars. It is important to choose the best quality TMT Bar that comes with the perfect combination of Strength & Flexibility. Therefore, while making your dream home only choose best quality TMT Bar.

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