As the world moves into critical times when citizens need to become more conscious of their everyday decisions to keep the Earth in a better shape than we made it out to be, here is one way to reduce the damage caused. Green buildings or sustainable buildings, is a concept of creating buildings and structures that are sustainable and environmentally responsible. These buildings are constructed in a way that is resource-efficient throughout their life cycle, right from the foundation, design, construction, maintenance and deconstruction.

The top construction company in Bihar is aiming to construct a sustainable building by preserving natural resources such as energy, water and raw materials. The focus is to counter the effects of global warming while minimising waste and other pollution causing reasons.

The green or sustainable building also intends to provide comfort and health by using high-quality sanitary and other construction materials, which are good for insulated construction.

Principles of sustainable construction

  • Focussing on minimizing resource consumption including energy and water
  • Maximizing the reuse of resources
  • Promoting renewable and recyclable resources
  • Focussing on the protection of the natural environment
  • Creating a healthy and non-toxic environment

Sustainable construction technologies

To achieve such lofty aims listed above, the following sustainable construction technologies are being used while looking for building material supplies in Bihar:

  • Usage of biodegradable building material
  • Smart appliances, cool roofs and green insulation
  • Zero-energy or low energy consuming building design
  • Electrochromic smart glass
  • Utilization of solar power for heating, air conditioning & ventilation(HVAC)
  • Usage of earthquake-resistant construction material
  • Self-powered buildings
  • Usage of water-efficient technologies

Benefits of sustainable construction

  • Environmental benefits: Sustainable construction gives priority to renewable, bio-sourced, local and recyclable building materials products. These designs are typically based on the usage of renewable energies such as geothermal, solar, wood and aerothermal. They focus on preserving resources like energy, and water and providing better insulation. This sustainable or green building construction needless to say, is beneficial for the environment.
  • Economic benefits: Construction of sustainable or green buildings has   also shown significant savings of about 25% to 35% of energy savings in comparison to conventional buildings. Apart from energy savings, they boost the real estate market and reduce operating costs.
  • Social benefits: Sustainable or green buildings are socially beneficial as they improve the quality of living, while enhancing the health of people living in the house. It also provides thermal insulation, lighting management, better energy and greatly minimizes the burden on local infrastructure.

Challenges faced while constructing a green building

  • The cost of sustainable construction is high as compared to local construction. This can be a hurdle even if they are profitable in due course.
  • The main obstacle to sustainable construction is the lack of public awareness. People are not aware of the benefits of sustainable construction. Impactful awareness campaigns by top construction companies in Bihar can resolve this issue.

Tips to go green on your next building

  • Selection of a sustainable site which means effective use of nature ensuring soil erosion control.
  • Rainwater Harvesting: Adopting methods to be water efficient so that it can capture storm or rainwater that can be reused later as it is connected with a storage tank.
  • Usage of ultra-modern water conservation fittings to monitor water consumption.