Importance of Ribs on TMT Bar

In modern construction industry steel reinforcement bars (TMT Bars) are the only choice that can be used for all construction structures. TMT Bar has Yield Strength, Highly Ductile, Earthquake Resistant, Corrosion Resistant and Fire Resistant too.

Best quality TMT Bars are manufactured by using Thermex Cooling Technology. Manufacturing process of TMT Bars involves Quenching and Self Tempering. As a result core of the TMT Bars become ferrite and pearlite that becomes extremely ductile and hard outer surface as martensite. This combination is non parallel. TMT Bars become highly ductile with extreme Yield Strength and Elongation.

Why Ribs are Important in TMT Bar?

  • Ribs provide bonding strength between TMT Bars and Concrete. The structures become strong and for its yield strength works with bond concrete more that helps to withstand the structure during an earthquake or flood. In Seismic Zones Ribbed TMT Bars provide an extra layer of safety.
  • The Ribbed on TMT Bars increases the strength. It distributes the load evenly across the TMT bar.
  • Ribs ensures better grip in concrete. It reduces the possibility of slipping during construction. TMT Bar increases the lifespan of a construction structure. Because of excellent weldability and bonding the maintenance cost is marginally low that is why it helps to reduce the costing as well.

Ribs in TMT Bars

Reinforced Steel Bars

Steel bars that is circular or semi circular cross section that can be used in RCC (Reinforcement of Cement Concrete).

Ribbed Reinforced Bars

Reinforced Steel Bars are with double rows crosswise ribs. It is uniformly distributed over the entire length and ensures better bonding with concrete.

Nominal Cross Sectional Area

Cross sectional zone that is near to the area of a round bar of same nominal width.

Longitudinal Rib

It is a uniform and consistent distension corresponding to the vertical of the steel reinforced bar.

Transverse Rib

It is a rib on the outside of the steel support bar other than a longitudinal rib.


What is Rib Height of TMT Bars?

It is from where the Rib begins (Transverse or Longitudinal) and up to the surface of the core.

TMT Bar saves upto 17% of steel. It is lighter in weight therefore reduces transportation cost as well. The best quality TMT Bars that are manufactured at Integrated Steel Plant are considered to be the Best. Here we discussed about the Ribs in TMT Bars about which people have less knowledge compared to the other facts of TMT Bars.