It is a known fact that “time is money” in construction, but to put this fact more accurately would be that “time is costly in construction.”. Every minute spent in rework, delay, or administrative effort counts in a high cost to resources, overall project success and budget. With a clear vision of project performance, the construction member team can make an improved decision around resource allocation and project efforts while avoiding additional costs from inefficient time management.

The critical performance data your team needs to improve the project time management and resources can often be overlooked by pre-existing workflows such as daily construction reports, timekeeping, and out-of-scope work tracking. But the battle is only half won by capturing this entire data. Delivering performance insights that can push project decision-making requires two critical components—accessibility and timeliness.

1. Accessibility

The right team members need the right data at the right time. Additionally, it should always be in a format where a query can be made easy along with the simple process and suggested recommendations. Overlooking the decision-making context your team members need in spreadsheets and paperwork requires resource requirements and additional time while keeping your team prevented from taking timely and effective action in case of buying the best TMT material in Mizoram for the upcoming project.

2. Timeliness

Project environments and plans of action keep shifting and any minute delay can result in cascading effects, budget disturbance and derailing work timelines if not addressed promptly. The difference of two hours, days or weeks mentioned in the performance reporting can be the key difference between avoiding a delay, reworking its effects or completely rebuilding your production budget and plans.

  • Advantage of construction project performance analytics

While most performance metrics of top construction companies in Mizoram are overlooked through spreadsheets, located across disconnected systems or lost in paperwork, delivering timely project updates on performance and production to the team members is more important than ever. Construction project performance analytics are important for a project’s success as they provide a clear picture of your reporting considering different elements and put in a single place, making insights discoverable in real-time. For a clear understanding of construction productivity and to steer clear of costly delays and errors, construction teams need real-time assessment of critical performance metrics of resource utilisation and surrounding time.

  • Project Performance Analytics Offer 

– Clear insight into the material and time utilization

– Centralized Assessment of Project Performance

– Quick identification of potential or actual production issues

– Quick benchmarking and tracking

  • Building Analytics That Will Work in Your Favour

The organizations that get the most out of their resource management solutions and time invest in performance analytics that provides the following capabilities:

– Mobility A mobile-first solution simplifies and is an easy way to use data collection while increasing the accuracy of the collected information, allowing a prompt and deep understanding of the resource utilization and time and production trends on projects.

– Data You can capitalize on the real-time insights into equipment, material and labour usage with quick commands. Also, sharing and accessing project analytics dashboards becomes easy to enable timely insights for team members and anticipate and resolve issues faster.

Configurability You can make a switch from spreadsheets to digital dashboards now and visualize data more compactly to analyse project performance