Different Type of Steel Reinforcement Bars

Different types of steel bars are used in Concrete Structures. Reinforced Steel bars are used to strengthen the concrete structure that makes it long lasting.

5 Types of Steel Reinforced Bars are used in Cement Concrete

  • Hot Rolled Deformed Bars
  • Cold Rolled Steel Bars
  • Mild Steel Bars
  • Twisted Steel Bars
  • Welded Steel Wire

Hot Rolled Deformed Bars

Hot rolled deformed bars are also known as Thermo mechanically treated bars or TMT Bars. In RCC (Reinforced Concrete Structure) TMT Bars are commonly used for its superior tensile strength. The Ribs on TMT Bars provide superior bonding in Cement Concrete. Best quality TMT Bars has a tensile strength of 64000 psi (PSI – Strength of Concrete is measured in pounds per square inch).

Cold Rolled Steel Bars

Cold Rolled Steel bars looks similar as Hot rolled bars although these are made at room temperature. These bars consists poor strength and easily bendable. Cold Rolled bars are almost obsolete from the market though these are used for some construction that does not need much tolerance. It carries tensile strength upto 60000 psi.

Mild Steel Bars

This bar does not have any ribs; it comes with plain surface and in round shape. Mild Steel Bars are used in RCC for beam, slabs etc. The Tensile Strength is upto 40000 psi. Mild Steel Bars does not bond well with concrete and it is poor in quality that is why it is used in small projects with budget constraint.

Twisted Steel Bars

Twisted Steel Bars are also known as Prestressing tendons. These are comprised of different wires almost 7 wires spun together into a strand. Twisted Steel Bar carries high tensile strength upto 270000 psi. These are mainly used on braces of scaffolds for prestressing Reinforced Cement Concrete. Its high tensile strength makes it conceivable.

Welded Steel Wire

Welded Steel Wires consist of weld mesh. It produces medium tensile strength. These are used for partitions, fencing etc. It’s available in different diameters and the strength is higher than mild steel bar, which is why it is widely accepted for particular segments in construction for better efficiency.

It is important to know that Thermo mechanically Treated bars (TMT Bars) are widely accepted worldwide for its high tensile strength. TMT Bars not only provide strength it is flexible enough as well. That is why it gives maximum protection during any natural disaster such as earthquake, flood etc. TMT Bars consists of less amount of carbon that is why it is less fatigue and highly corrosion resistant as well.

As per IS Standards Fe 500d grade of TMT Bar has the perfect combination of strength & flexibility. That is why it is most recommended for construction purpose.