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Construction Equipment: Uses and Their Types

All type of construction involves earth moving, digging, levelling, dozing etc. Construction materials are concrete, steel, TMT Bar, sand etc. The construction equipment’s depend upon the size of the project. For small projects manual labour are used and for big projects heavy construction equipment are used. In case of huge tasks where enormous task load involved these heavy duties, hardware is utilized. It guarantees rapid development in the work within project timeline. There are two types of construction equipment’s: for construction machinery and for construction building.

They are either called weighty machines, heavy vehicles or trucks, engineering and construction equipment or heavy hydraulics.

Proper selection of equipment leads to good economy, safety, speed, quality and timely delivery of the project. For all construction process selecting the proper equipment is very essential.

Types of Construction Equipment

There are many types of construction equipment used, which are as follows:

1. Construction Vehicles

2. Equipment for Earth Moving

3. Equipment for Material Handling

4. Equipment for handling other Construction Materials

1. Construction Vehicles


A trailer is an motorless vehicle dragged by a controlled vehicle. It is generally utilized for the transport of products and materials including concrete, steel, TMT Bar, rods etc.


Used for the purpose of unloading bulk materials frequently on construction locations. Unloaders are recognized from dump trucks by setup.


A dump truck, referred to likewise as an unloader truck or tipper truck, is utilized for carrying dumps from construction sites. A tipper is a heavy truck structure fitted with an open-top body, utilized for carrying pile of concrete, crushed stone, soil and other form of materials to and from building locations.

2. Equipment for Earth Moving

To carry out different sorts of digging work like excavation, earthmoving equipment are used. Every earthmoving equipment have their special applications and used mainly for constructing, repairing, demolition.


These are famous earth-moving vehicles that highlight a vessel, arm, revolving cab, and moving tracks. These parts give prevalent force to dig and versatility, letting this weighty machine to carry out several actions, from burrowing breaking holes to digging.


Loaders are heavy construction machine which used to load or move materials such as demolition debris, recycled material, dirt, gravel, wood logs, snow, rocks etc into a different machinery as a conveyor belt, garbage truck or railroad car.


A bulldozer is a huge and weighty farm vehicle furnished with a large metal plate used to push huge amounts of sand, soil, stone blocks, or other such material during excavation or construction work and usually equipped at the back with a claw like tool to relax thickly crushed materials.

3. Equipment for Material Handling


A crane is a machine which is used to lift and lower materials and to move them parallelly. It is designed with an elevator rope, strong cable or chains, and bundles. It is basically utilized for lifting overweight things like TMT bar, steel, blocks, etc and moving them to different places.


It is designed in the 20th century and it is basically an industrial truck, utilized to transfer and lift things within short distances.

4. Other Construction Materials

Conveyer system give a proficient, dependable, profitable and lower-hazard strategy for eliminating garbage and ruin from digging removal sites.

Concrete Mixer

A cement mixer is a machine that regularly combines concrete, like sand or rock, and water to shape concrete.

An ordinary mixer utilizes a spinning drum to blend the components.

Road Roller

A road roller is a compactor-type designing vehicle used to reduced soil, rock, cement, or black-top in the construction of highways and foundations.