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Build your Dream Home with the Best TMT Bar

If you plan to build a dream home for yourself then you need to make a choice both economically and emotionally, so you need to take extra care. You cannot take this construction lightly as this is a life long investment. If it is once built, you cannot modify or change frequently. So, you have to select every single construction material very carefully including bricks, TMT bar, cement etc.

You need to make sure that the foundation of your building is strong. For the selection of the perfect TMT bar is very important because it will hold the concrete together.

While building new home one should understand the various phases of house development from digging to completing. It is important in the event that you need to guarantee you are in a state of synchronization with the construction process. In this article we will explore the phases of home construction with the best TMT bar product in India – from the beginning of house development to the moment you get the new home keys. Below are some phases of house building:

  • Location Research

The beginning of house construction starts with the preparation and excavation of the place. You may need to complete some grounding off or levelling at the beginning if necessary. When the site is clear, ready and levelled, you and the constructor must outline the floor plan of the location. This will be the first occasion when you experience the floor plan in all practicality instead of on paper – a genuinely awesome moment!

  • Floor Concrete

The next phase of house development will be to introduce the main solid floor chunk. The base will be dug, confined and emptied according to your architects’ confirmations. When the formations and plumbing are organized the main solid floor section will be poured.

  • Shaping the Roof & Floor Structure

After the piece of concrete is restored, work will start on the main portion of the house, this is quite possibly the most energizing point of house building. In India there are wide range of techniques for construction available and this stage will change depending upon your specific strategy for home construction. In this stage, the selection of the best TMT bar, brick, steel, timber, concrete and so on, for your construction is very important.

  • Ceiling

When the construction of the ceiling and wall structure is finished the rooftop will be fitted and made waterproof.

  • Outer Textures

Depending upon your kind of house construction strategy, the outside wall will now be done. If your home has a solid wall such as concrete, brick or block then this will naturally involve in painting and execution the outer walls. On the other hand, if you have a light outer design, for example, wood or steel this will included covering and protecting the construction with your selected material like wooden boards. Also check that the constructor has used the best TMT bar or not as per the contract in the beginning of the project, as this will be the root/pillar of your building.

  • Doors and Windows

Since important heavy work has completed, now it is secure to install the doors and windows. This makes the structure completely watertight and protected from the components which can cause problem in the construction. Now, the builders can concentrate on the inner areas of the building which follows work like plumbing, electrical and finishing up.

  • Uneven fittings

Plumbers and electricians will install the necessary pipelines and electric wires. The construction will be treated as uneven because none of the wires and cables will be connected with the live sources until the expert do. When the expert will come they will connect the respective switches, electrical plugs and lights, wires and every require things but for now, they will leave the pipes and wires extended from walls, which will be finished later.

  • Internal Fitting

Since the pipes and wires are installed, work will start on the non-constructional interior walls and floor tiles. This will contain plastering, tiling, painting and the fitting of finished floors.

  • Wooden work

During this phase of home construction carpenter will work for the fitting of any in-built furniture like kitchen cupboards and room closets. The things like door and window borders are also designed at this time.

  • Constructive Execution & Delivery

We are currently at the point of completion where your home is basically finished. You will visit the property with the constructor and make a last review to ensure everything has been worked as agreed and the constructor has finished work as agreed in the contract. This is your last opportunity to observe any issues and have them corrected by the builder.

All the completion, this is the time which you are waiting for! This is the second you have been hanging tight for! After correcting all your issues, the constructor will hand over the keys to you.

Always remember that the material and method used for the building construction or the builders you hire may affect the order of the construction. So, always choose very carefully. The above are very common stages of construction. We hope this blog will help you understand the process of home construction from digging up to finishing.