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6 Steps To Maintain Construction Quality Control

Maintaining quality throughout a project is an integral factor associated with the construction industry. This allows the business to grow and keep up its reputation to gain profits.

But despite carrying so much importance, not everyone can control the quality during their project. Studies show that more than 50 per cent of construction defects are the result of human factors such as unskilled labour or lack of supervision while 12 per cent is the result of material and system failure.

If you are looking to ensure construction quality control, these 6 steps would help you to a great deal:

1. Invest in the Correct Materials

Various studies have suggested that skilled trade workers are hard to find whereas 80% of contractors mention the hassles they faced hiring skilled workers while another 35% believe that it would become more difficult in the coming future.

So once you get started with your project, it is important to invest in the right workers during the initial stage. Having the right team will ensure the job is delivered correctly with the expectations of the customer maintained.

Make sure that each member of your team understands the requirements of the project. Apart from the safety, indicate that poor quality won’t be acceptable.

2. Invest in the Correct Materials

Once you start preparing for the project after understanding the customer’s needs, ensure you never look to compromise with the quality of the materials. When you look to buy construction materials online in Bihar, ensure that they meet the standard requirements along with the project specifications. Once you are satisfied with the right specifications, go ahead with the placing of the order.

For instance, your electrician should know all types of wirings and which one would be perfect for the current project. Check the materials personally as well once they arrive to negate any possibility of damages or incorrect specifications.

3. Maintain Safety & Compliance

Apart from keeping the workers’ safety as the priority, look to maintain proper safety and compliance to prevent any improper work to take place during the project. For instance, if your workers are tired, they will look to find shortcuts in their work or may do a misjudgment which can cost majorly to the project or deviate it from the defined timeline. Ask them to take regular breaks and avoid overtime if one’s stress.

4. Maintain Completed Project

The worst nightmare for an ongoing project is the weather since such things are out of control. Cover all the scratch or damaged potential surfaces completely with cardboard, timber or other such materials until the project is ready. Best building materials in Bihar that comes in plastic wrappings should be left as it is until it has to be used.

5. Steer Clear of Scope Creep

Regardless of the size of the company, the industry has witnessed instances where a company found itself amidst scope creep. When the changes keep coming from the client, sooner or later you will find yourself in a situation where you have deviated from the scope of the project to an unreasonable level. In this time, workers also look to find shortcuts while lower quality is used to save cost. Get in touch with the stakeholders regarding the scope and make sure everyone is on the same page. It’s important to stick to the quality standards and expectations of the client.

6. Get rid of deficiencies immediately

You might encounter various deficiencies while testing and auditing the project. To deal with the same, come up with a concrete policy whether it is maintaining the expertise or quality. Ignoring the deficiencies for too long will impact the project and your reputation.