“The strength of a nation derives from the integrity of your Home”

Home is the place from where we live our life, build stories and so on. Moreover, making your home is an experience by which you go through once or twice in life. Therefore it is very important to follow the right construction process for building it.
Building your own independent home is a dream come true for most of us. Starting from purchasing your own land to finally Griha Pravesh is a journey which is as exciting as a world tour.

Building your Dream House consists of two initial decisions, which needs to be taken very carefully:

  • Acquiring the land in a good locality and along with proper soil test
  • Getting the Proper material along with efficient builders/workers/contractors

Both the steps require due diligence on exhaustive details and careful planning. Below is the essential checklist while making your dream home.

Building plan layout


  • Selecting the right plot and area where you are going to build your home
  • Documentation of the plot
  • Vastu Compliance
  • Building Design
  • Selecting the right contractor
  • Selecting the best quality Building Materials

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home building construction


  • Strong Foundation decides the longevity of the building
  • Layout and Earth Work is equally important over which the entire structural base is built up
  • Anti-Termite Treatment is essential to ensure your building structure vis a vis furniture’s do not get affected
  • Shuttering or Formwork is a temporary structure to build the permanent structure.
  • Concrete work has to be done in the proper ratio and placed in proper way within right time to get the error free concrete in long term.
  • Building becomes strong if the walls are well built hence, Masonry work is very important and mandatory to monitor
  • Reinforced Cement Concrete (RCC) Work has to be done by measuring few steps which comprised of
    o Batching, mixing & Placing
    o Curing
    o Using the correct ration for Concrete Mix & water-cement ratio & material Requirement
  • Reinforcement bars are the vital components of Reinforced Cement Concrete. It is important to choose the right steel to prevent cracking or any construction defects of the R.C.C members.
  • Plastering protects the exposed surfaces and masonry joints from an external environment, provide long-term stability to the wall by binding all bricks or stones together.
  • In order to safeguard your precious construction you need to take strict measure on Water Proofing.
  • Itemized Construction Cost depends on the quality of construction and the finishing work one wants to have.

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Post Construction and Griha Pravesh

Post Construction Activities

Once the construction of mainframe work is over main structure of your home is ready. Now it’s time to look at the crucial factors such as:

  • Flooring and Roofing
  • Exterior Cladding
  • Painting for Interior and Exterior as well
  • Structure, placement and finishing of the Stairs

Along with these, there are many factors that cannot be undermined and extremely important to take a close look at it.

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